CrashPlan Installation

How to install CrashPlan on your workstation.

Swarthmore College's Backup Solution - CrashPlan

CrashPlan Installation Process:
  • UPDATE: Please note some users are currently on version 5 which looks slightly different however the functionality is the same.  These instructions are for version 4.  Later in the semester we are performing upgrades to get everyone onto the same version.  If you have any questions please contact the Help Desk.
  • Please download the appropriate version of Code 42 AKA: Crash Plan software from the following links provided below  
    Once downloaded, install Code 42 AKA: Crash Plan.  The installation process may take anywhere between 2-10 minutes.  
  • After installation it may require an update and for you to sign in again. 
Here are the links to download CrashPlan:
*Unsure on operating system?  Please call the Help Desk*
  • Once the CrashPlan software is installed:
  • Locate and open the CrashPlan application.


To Locate on a PC: Click on the start button and simply type “Crash” in the search. Then click on the CrashPlan icon.


To Locate on a Mac: Click on Applications and locate Crashplan. Or search in the Spotlight in the upper right corner.  
Launch Crashplan
(note: CrashPlan looks identical on Mac and PC)


When Crashplan opens.


Select the option: Existing user


The primary user of the computer will need to log into Crashplan with their Swarthmore network credentials. (Without the at the end)




During the setup, If under your Username and Password requires a Server as an option please enter the following below for the server:


Once Logged in click on: Start Backup. 
(note: if it starts automatically to i2 cloud that is ok)


Please continue to save any critical files onto Google Drive (College-related) and/or an external drive (personal files) until we confirm that your CrashPlan backup is running smoothly.
For Frequently asked Questions and many "how to's" can be answered at the link below:
Any additional questions or concerns please call or email:
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