CrashPlan Installation

How to install CrashPlan on your workstation.

Swarthmore College's Backup Solution - CrashPlan

CrashPlan Installation Process:
  • UPDATE: CrashPlan is being updated to version 6.x.x. 
  • Most of these instructions are for version 4 but are being updated.  This December 2018 we are performing upgrades to get everyone onto the same version.  If you have any questions please contact the Help Desk.
    • Please download the appropriate version of Code 42 AKA: Crash Plan software for your operating system from the following links provided below  
      Once downloaded, install Code 42 AKA: Crash Plan.  The installation process may take anywhere between 2-10 minutes.  
  • After installation it may require an update and for you to sign in again. 
Here are the links to download CrashPlan:
*Unsure on operating system?  Please call the Help Desk*
  • Once the CrashPlan software is installed:
  • Locate and open the CrashPlan application.


To Locate on a PC: Click on the start button and simply type “Crash” in the search. Then click on the CrashPlan icon.


To Locate on a Mac: Click on Applications and locate Crashplan. Or search in the Spotlight in the upper right corner.  
Launch Crashplan
(note: CrashPlan looks identical on Mac and PC)


When Crashplan opens.


Select the option: Existing user


The primary user of the computer will need to log into Crashplan with their Swarthmore network credentials with the at the end --  example:




During the setup, If under your Username and Password requires a Server as an option please enter the following below for the server:


The port is important (4282)
Once Logged in click on: Start Backup. 
(note: if it starts automatically to i2 cloud that is ok)


Please continue to save any critical files onto Google Drive (College-related) and/or an external drive (personal files) until we confirm that your CrashPlan backup is running smoothly.
For Frequently asked Questions and many "how to's" can be answered at the link below:
Any additional questions or concerns please call or email:
Information Technology Services
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On campus: x4357
Off campus: 610-328-8513
Walk-in hours: 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday
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