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2015 SPEED Projects

The Swarthmore College Libraries and ITS are pleased to announce the selections for this year's Special Projects for Educational Exploration & Development (SPEED) program. Swarthmore faculty and staff submitted an exciting and innovative pool of proposals, from which four were selected.

Erik Cheever

Videos for ENGR 011 Prelab

The SPEED team created videos to cover the pre­lab explanation allowing the students to start immediately upon arriving to the lab. In addition, corresponding quizzes for each lab section were also developed.

Jon Kochavi

Use of Fibonacci Sequence in Music

In the piece "Il canto sospeso" by Luigi Nono, one of the movements uses durations that are dictated by the initial numbers of the Fibonacci sequence.The SPEED team, using a score that had been annotated by a music theorist, created an animation that visualizes Nono's use of the Fibonacci Sequence in "Il Canto Sospeso." The numbers associated with each sequence of notes pop out of the screen as the song plays, and simultaneously appear across the bottom of the screen as the Fibonacci Sequences is built.

Paul Jacobs (Adam Neat, Mary Ann Klassen)

Catalog of Demonstrations

The SPEED team built a modern, searchable web interface for the contents of the the Physics Demonstrations Resources site.

Theodore B. Fernald (Jeremy Fahringer)

Navajo Verb Generator

The SPEED team worked on The Navajo Verb Generator which is a web application that implements a linguistic model for the complex system of verbs and prepositional elements in Navajo. On the back end, the architecture allows student programmers to continue adding to the model, and on the front end, the site is accessible to a range of users, from scholars to language learners to elders.