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2013 Completed SEED Projects

In 2013, we received 15 proposals. Our team of academic technologists, librarians, and SEED interns contributed to the following:


Chemistry Readiness Exam SEED Project
Kathleen Howard, Josh Newby 

Chemistry Readiness Exam Every year the Chemistry Department administers a paper exam during orientation week to all new students potentially interested in taking Chemistry.  This project resulted in an online readiness exam that incoming students can take during the summer for automatic grading.


Crum Woods Productivity
Jose-Luis Machado 

Crum Woods ProductivityFor the past ten years, Professor Jose Luis Machado and his students have collected ecology data from the Crum Woods. This project allows for the entry and analysis of data through a web application.  Users can enter data (which is validated before storage), query for specific data, and download any part of the data.


E-Latin Texts
William Turpin 

E-Latin Texts This project updated an existing database used to assist students as they learning Latin. The database allows a user to compare a given text to the dictionary, retrieve definitions for each existing latin word, and add definitions for words the dictionary has yet to encounter. New functionality allows the user to keep track of words encountered in previous texts and remove them from a flashcard stack.


Faculty and Staff Resources to Support Students with Disabilities
Leslie Hempling 

Faculty and Staff Resources to Support Students with DisabilitiesA project team created clear instructions to help faculty and administrative staff develop course materials that are accessible to students with disabilities. The resulting materials were published on the Student Disability Service Webpage.


View the resource site


Human Rights and Atrocities Research Guide
Krista Thomason 

Human rights and atrocities library guide The research guide for Philosophy 051: Human Rights and Atrocities facilitates student development of final projects for the course. Students will plan events, exhibitions, and other projects on-campus to raise awareness about genocide and human rights issues. In addition to background information on specific atrocities, the research guide provides a centralized location for viewing student work from past semesters as well as project development advice and resources. To facilitate student understanding of genocide and human rights issues, the guide features a timeline and map of atrocities developed using TimeMapper.


Collaborative Web Libraries for Video Clip Collections
Sunka Simon, Erik Cheever, and Ben Berger 

There has been an expressed need by multiple faculty members to create websites that contain collections of videos. For this project SEED customized Miro Community, an open source video curation platform. The Online Video Repository allows users to embed, organize and display videos that are already on the Internet.

Digital Books and Literacy for the Deaf Child
Donna Jo Napoli 

With help from a SEED intern and ITS staff, Professor Donna Jo Napoli created a prototype eBook that included American Sign Language captioning. This prototype served as a model for collaborative coursework between Swarthmore College and Gallaudet University.


Zadachi (Tasks): a Supplemental Video Course for Elementary Russian
Brian Johnson

For beginning Russian language students, there are several introductory topics that prove to be quite challenging.  We produced a series of short instructional videos for flipped instruction. By offering the mini-lectures as supplemental videos, students are able to practice and review the concepts as often as needed to gain mastery.