Robin Wagner-Pacifici

Professor Robin Wagner-PacificiGil and Frank Mustin Professor of Sociology
Office: Kohlberg 245
Phone: 610.328.8638
Profile at the Department of Sociology & Anthropology

Sociology Professor, teaches in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Her courses and research address moments of crisis and transformation in social life, and the problems of mediation and representation that they pose. Courses include: Discourse Analysis," "Power, Authority and Conflict," "Social Inequality," and "Standoffs, Breakdowns and Surrenders." Robin's recent book, Theorizing the Standoff: Contingency in Action, was awarded the Best Book Prize of the Culture Section of the American Sociological Association in 2001. Robin's newest book is about military surrender, The Art of Surrender: Decomposing Sovereignty at Conflict's End , The University of Chicago Press, 2005.