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Short-Term Summer Storage

Please read short term storage application thoroughly. Room 22 provides short-term storage for approved international students who are not able to store all of their belongings in the College’s Secure Storage Facilities. Storage in Room 22 should serve only as supplemental storage to other campus locations; students must first utilize the other storage rooms available.

Students requesting access to Room 22 must first complete the request in the ISC Portal, and submit no later than May 30th of any given school year. You may only store items in Room 22 for 1 semester at a time. You can make an appointment from 9-4 Monday - Thursday for us to let you into the storage room. Please have your items ready outside  room 22 before you meet us at the ISC or give us a call when you are outside the room. Kathryn's office number is 610-690-6849  and Jennifer's  office number is 610-328-8361. Students are only permitted to store 2 boxes in Room 22. If your items remain in room 22 for longer than 6 months they will be removed.

Winter break storage is available under certain circumstances to be determined by the Director of the International Student Center.