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IC After Dark

"The IC After Dark" program is comprised of a series of evening events that bring together members of the Swarthmore community around the arts, healing and self-care practices, and social events that provide space to just be (with good people). 

The events are organized along three main themes: 

Arts and Social Action

​What does it look like when creative expressions are used as a vehicle for transforming self and society? These events exist at the intersection of activism, art, and culture creation/change.

Community Kickbacks 

Whether it’s karaoke, creating crafts, or having great cuisine from around the world, these events are all about creating space where people can connect, chill, and just be.

Food for the Soul

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” (Audre Lorde)

This track presents a series of events that highlight healing and self-care practices drawn from multiple worldviews and cultural traditions. When we pursue a critical consciousness, our existence alone is a transgression to oppressive realities. Self-care practices enable us to exist so that we can continue the work of liberation.

The Intercultural Center (IC) welcomes suggestions for "IC After Dark" events from all students. If you have an idea for an event that falls within any one of the three "IC After Dark Themes," please share them with us!  ​​​