This Handbook contains relevant information concerning policies, procedures, practices, conventions, facilities, and services pertaining to members of the instructional staff at Swarthmore College, that is, faculty, whether full or part time, academic or athletic, and others with teaching roles in the academic program, such as laboratory and language instructors and lecturers. Although every effort has been made to be accurate and comprehensive, final authority for the governing rules and regulations necessarily rests with the sources from which the Handbook has been compiled. The Handbook identifies whenever possible the origins of particular provisions, especially when the text incorporates statements or actions formally adopted by the Faculty, or by the Board of Managers, or both.

The Faculty Handbook was first prepared during the academic year 1970-71 by Charles S. Olton, then an American Council of Education intern at Swarthmore College, with the assistance of a special faculty committee. It was revised during 1978-79 under the direction of Provost Harold E. Pagliaro, with the help of many faculty and administrative colleagues. Some additional editorial work was undertaken during the summer of 1980 by Provost Harrison M. Wright. A new revision was completed during 1989-90 under the direction of Provost James W. England. Under the direction of Provost Jennie Keith, the Handbook was updated to reflect changes in policies and services in 1991, 1993, and 1996; and in 2001 with the assistance of Associate Provost Craig Williamson. The 2001 version was checked by Provost Constance Hungerford and partly revised in 2004 with the help of Associate Provost Ellen Magenheim. The 2011 version was completed by Associate Provost Lisa Smulyan in consultation with members of the administration.

Sections of the Handbook may become dated at any time as a result of state or federal legislation, court decisions, actions by the Faculty or Board of Managers, and decisions by faculty committees or the administration. The Handbook will be revised from time to time to try to keep up with these changes and updates will be available on the Provost’s Web site. If there are any questions concerning accuracy, or whether there have been changes, kindly contact the Office of the Provost. Suggestions for improvement of the Handbook are welcome.

This version of the Handbook incorporates major policy changes that have been approved by the Faculty, as well as routine updates, e.g., in benefits policies and Board governance. In accordance with Faculty action on April 28, 2006 to clarify the status of formerly “adjunct” faculty, such as laboratory and language instructors and lecturers, the text has been revised to substitute “instructional staff” for “faculty” or add it to “faculty,” except when the reference is to issues particular to the faculty, such as governance (e.g., constitution of committees), research responsibilities and support, and tenure. The Faculty Handbook has also been re-titled Handbook for Instructional Staff.