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As was announced in a previous e mail to students, several changes in student payroll are due to take effect next fall. I have heard that these changes are not widely understood and that the lack of information as well as the changes themselves may disadvantage some students. I have been urged to reach out to students as a whole and provide more information so that students can make informed decisions about the jobs they apply for and/or voice their concerns about changes in particular job pay rates. This information page has been created in order to accomplish both of those objectives.

First, a little background. Human Resources absorbed the student employment office last fall. The main reason to move SEO to HR was to automate the time slip and paycheck process. However, HR had also received complaints from students about the lack of equity in pay rates, as some jobs that were clearly less difficult to do were being paid at the highest pay rate. Because these complaints came at a time when we were changing the system and because it had been quite a while since a comprehensive review of pay rates had been conducted, it was decided to do both at the same time.

We then asked all of the employers on campus to send us current job descriptions for their student jobs. We reviewed the jobs against the criteria in place for determining which pay level a job belonged in and found that a certain number of student jobs (about 60 out of 236) did not match the criteria for the pay rate currently assigned. So we created a list of jobs that seemed to warrant a change and held meetings for all of the employers on campus to hear about our project and discuss the potential changes in pay rates. Some employers agreed with the changes and some did not, which began a process of us looking at some student jobs again to be sure we had the correct information about the job. Some of the conversations ended with a change in the pay rate, some ended with the development of a new job, some ended with an agreement that the job was properly classified and some are on going.

We also met with a group of about 10-15 students involved as employers through their role in in SBC twice during the development of our project. Their input regarding the process of automation as well as changes in pay rates was incorporated into our design.

After the meetings with employers last month, I wrote to students to tell them about the changes and an article was written in the Gazette. A fireside chat was also held where the idea of creating more information for students came up. Below you will find the criteria for assigning wage rates to student jobs as well as a list of all student jobs and their wage rate. If you have concerns about the wage rate of a particular job and think that it is assigned to the wrong pay rate, please contact your employer and/or write to the link at the end of this page. We will continue to communicate with you as is needed about particular jobs and the new process of submitting electronic time slips throughout the summer and when you return in the fall.

Student Job Evaluation Information

Jobs will be graded based upon the complexity of the position, level of responsibility the position requires, skills and experience necessary, supervision and physical effort required. Some consideration will be given for the degree of difficulty in filling a position (i.e. morning shuttle driver).

*Category I :*

Entails mainly routine tasks. Minimal skills, experience, responsibility or physical effort required. No supervision of other students.

*Category II :*

Some technical skill and moderate level of responsibility may be required. May require some previous experience and physical effort.

*Category III:*

Requires expertise or a high level of technical skill, experience or responsibility. May entail supervision of other students. May be difficult to fill.

Job Title Dept Rate
Notetaker Accessibility 8.80
Admissions Host Admissions 8.50
Admissions Website Intern Admissions 8.50
Discovery Weekend Host Admissions 8.50
Head Tour Guide Admissions 8.80
Hosting Intern Admissions 8.80
Int'l Intern Admissions 8.80
Multicultural Recruitment Intern Admissions 8.80
Ride the Tide Host Admissions 8.50
Senior Admissions Fellow Admissions 8.80
Student Admissions worker Admissions 8.20
Tour Guide Admissions 8.50
File Clerk Alumni & Gift Records 8.20
Office Assistant Annual Giving 8.80
Phonathon caller Annual Giving 8.80
Gallery Assistant Art 8.20
Gallery Monitor Art 8.50
Model Art 8.50
Office Assistant Art 8.20
Photography Assistant Art 8.50
Reception Host Art 8.50
Studio Assistant Art 8.50
Van Driver Art 8.50
VRA #I Art 8.20
VRA #II Art 8.50
VRA #III Art 8.80
Ball Chaser Athletics 8.20
Camera Operator Athletics 8.50
Clock or Scoreboard Operator Athletics 8.50
Coach's Office Assistant Athletics 8.50
Equipment Room Assistant Athletics 8.50
Mullan Center Desk Attendant Athletics 8.20
PA Announcer Athletics 8.80
Photographer Athletics 8.50
Sports Info Office Assistant Athletics 8.50
Sports Information Office Writer Athletics 8.50
Sports Medicine Office Asst. Athletics 8.20
Sports Team Manager Athletics 8.80
Statistician Athletics 8.80
Volleyball Line Judge Athletics 8.50
Ware Pool Cleaning Mach. Oper. Athletics 8.20
Ware Pool Lifeguard Athletics 8.80
Animal Care Assistant Biology 8.50
Greenhouse Assistant Biology 8.50
Lab Teachng Assistant Biology 8.80
Research Assistant Biology 8.80
Science Associate Biology 8.80
Shop Assistant Biology 8.50
BCLI Coordinator Black Cultural Center 8.80
Blue Print Health Grant Coordinator Black Cultural Center 8.80
Blue Print Health Grant Head Coordinator Black Cultural Center 8.80
Blue Print Tutor Black Cultural Center 8.50
Saturday Cultural Institute Coordinator Black Cultural Center 8.80
Smedley Initiative Coordinator Black Cultural Center 8.80
Community Development Intern Black Cultural Center 8.80
House Coordinator Black Cultural Center 8.20
Programming Intern Black Cultural Center 8.80
Special Programs Intern Black Cultural Center 8.80
Tech & Info Intern Black Cultural Center 8.50
Web Design Intern Black Cultural Center 8.80
Cashier Bookstore 8.50
Career Peer Advisor Career Services 8.80
Office Assistant Career Services 8.20
Technology Intern Career Services 8.80
Chemistry Mentor Chemistry 8.80
Latin and Greek Grader Classics 8.80
Tutor Classics 8.80
Clinician Computer Science 8.80
CS21 Student Mentor Computer Science 8.80
CS35 Student Mentor Computer Science 8.80
Grader Computer Science 8.80
Student Mentor Computer Science 8.80
Student System Administrator Computer Science 8.80
Catering Assistant Cooper 8.50
Receptionist Host Cooper 8.50
Usher Cooper 8.20
Circulation Desk I Day Cornell 8.20
Circulation Desk III Night/Wkend Cornell 8.80
Gameroom Attendant Dean's Office 8.20
Parlor Party Host Dean's Office 8.50
Party Associate Dean's Office 8.50
Student Academic Mentor Dean's Office 8.80
Economics Assistant Economics 8.80
Economics Teaching Assistant Economics 8.80
Office Worker Economics 8.20
Tutor Economics 8.80
Library Assistant I / EMC Desksitter Education 8.20
Office Assistant Education 8.20
Grader Engineering 8.80
Lab Assistant Engineering 8.80
Office Assistant Engineering 8.20
Research Assistant Engineering 8.80
Shop Assistant Engineering 8.50
Student Academic Mentor Engineering 8.80
Wizard Engineering 8.80
Office Assistant English Literature 8.20
Projectionist English Literature 8.80
Events Office Intern Events Office 8.80
Student Worker for Events Events Office 8.50
Collections Organizer Friends Historical Library 8.50
Student Assistant Friends Historical Library 8.50
Office Assistant History 8.20
SEO Coordinator Human Resources 8.80
Intercultural Center Intern Intercultural Center 8.80
IT Associate ITS 8.80
Technical Support Associate ITS 8.80
Archivist Lang Center 8.50
Building Host Lang Center 8.20
College Advance Program Tutor Lang Center 8.80
Environmental Sustainability Liasion Lang Center 8.50
Learning for Life Coordinator Lang Center 8.80
Literacy Tutor (Federal Work Study) Lang Center 8.50
Research Assistant Lang Center 8.80
Saturdays of Service Coordinator Lang Center 8.80
Student Program Assistant Lang Center 8.50
Technology and Publicity Coordinator Lang Center 8.50
Transportation Coordinator Lang Center 8.80
Van Driver Lang Center 8.50
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Coordinator Lang Center 8.80
Office Assistant-Latin American Studies Latin American Studies 8.20
Course Administrative Assistant Linguistics 8.80
Course Grader Linguistics 8.80
Course Language Consultant Linguistics 8.80
Lab Assistant Linguistics 8.50
Ling 045 Grader Linguistics 8.80
List Gallery Assistant List Gallery 8.50
List Gallery Monitor List Gallery 8.20
List Gallery Reception Host List Gallery 8.50
Audio Assistant LPAC 8.80
Costume Shop Assistant LPAC 8.80
House Manager LPAC 8.80
LPAC Reception Co-Manager LPAC 8.50
Master Electrician LPAC 8.80
Scene Shop Assistant LPAC 8.80
Student Technician LPAC 8.50
Usher LPAC 8.20
Mary Lyons Breakfast Room Cook Mary Lyons 8.50
Mary Lyons Breakfast Room Coordinator Mary Lyons 8.80
Clinician Math 8.80
Grader Math 8.80
Student Assistant Math 8.80
Teaching Assistant Math 8.80
Tutor Math 8.80
BCC Circulation Assistant McCabe 8.20
Circulation Assistant I McCabe 8.20
Circulation Assistant III McCabe 8.50
Curatorial Assistant McCabe 8.50
Digital Initiatives Assistant McCabe 8.20
Library Assistant McCabe 8.50
Reference Assistant McCabe 8.80
Summer Circulation Student III McCabe 8.50
Technical Services Assistant I McCabe 8.20
Technical Services Assistant II McCabe 8.50
Technical Services Assistant III McCabe 8.80
Videographer Media Services 8.80
Office Assistant Modern Languages 8.20
Language Resource Center Student Assistant Modern Languages 8.80
Chorus Manager Music & Dance 8.80
Costume Shop Assistant Music & Dance 8.50
House Manager Music & Dance 8.50
Lang Publicity Music & Dance 8.50
Lang Reception Crew Music & Dance 8.50
Lang Tech Crew Music & Dance 8.80
Lang Usher Music & Dance 8.20
Music Theory Clinician Music & Dance 8.80
Office Assistant Music & Dance 8.20
Orchestra Manager Music & Dance 8.80
Student Musician Music & Dance 8.80
Teaching Assistant Music & Dance 8.80
Van Driver Music & Dance 8.50
Editorial Assistant News & Information 8.80
Bartender Paces 8.20
Coordinator Paces 8.80
Wait Staff Paces 8.50
Dishwasher Paces 8.20
Short Order Cook Paces 8.50
Student Assistant I Peace Collection 8.20
Student Assistant II Peace Collection 8.50
Student Assistant III Peace Collection 8.80
Common Room Liason Physics/Astronomy 8.20
Grader Physics/Astronomy 8.80
Research Assistant Physics/Astronomy 8.80
Science Associate Physics/Astronomy 8.80
Office Assistant Political Science 8.20
Office Assistant-Asian Studies Programs Office 8.20
Lab Care Assistant Psycho/Bio 8.50
Office Assistant Psychology 8.20
Research Assistant II Psychology 8.50
Research Assistant III Psychology 8.80
Publications Intern Publications 8.80
Registrar's Office Assistant Registrar 8.20
Office Assistant Religion 8.20
Research Assistant Research - Kaya Orloff, Ays 8.50
Forum for Free Speech Coordinator SBC 8.80
Halcyon Editor SBC 8.80
Morning Shuttle Driver SBC 8.80
Movie Committee Coordinator SBC 8.50
Movie Shuttle Driver SBC 8.50
Olde Club Booking & Facilities Director SBC 8.80
Olde Club Tech SBC 8.80
Rattech Assistant SBC 8.80
Rattech Director SBC 8.80
SBC Asst Manager SBC 8.50
SBC Manager SBC 8.80
Student Activities Van & Morning Shuttle Coordinator SBC 8.80
Student Council Van Coordinator SBC 8.80
Target Shuttle Driver SBC 8.50
Educational Programs Assistant Scott Arboretum 8.20
Garden Assistant Scott Arboretum 8.50
Office Assistant Scott Arboretum 8.20
Plant Collection Field Work Assistant Scott Arboretum 8.50
Plant Collection Photography Assistant Scott Arboretum 8.50
Plant Record Digitalizing Assistant Scott Arboretum 8.80
Catering Assistant Social Coordinator 8.50
Editorial Assistant The Daily Gazette 8.80
Photographer The Daily Gazette 8.50
Advertising Manager The Phoenix 8.80
Assistant Section Editor The Phoenix 8.80
Cartoonist The Phoenix 8.80
Chief Copy Editor The Phoenix 8.80
Circulation Manager The Phoenix 8.80
Columnist The Phoenix 8.80
Copy Editor The Phoenix 8.80
Crossword Writer The Phoenix 8.80
Director of Business Development The Phoenix 8.80
Director of Web Development The Phoenix 8.80
Editor In Chief The Phoenix 8.80
Graphics Editor The Phoenix 8.80
Living and Arts Editor The Phoenix 8.80
Living and Arts Staff Writer The Phoenix 8.80
Managing Editor The Phoenix 8.80
News Editor The Phoenix 8.80
News Reporter The Phoenix 8.80
Online Editor / Web Graphics The Phoenix 8.80
Opinions Editor The Phoenix 8.80
Photo Editor The Phoenix 8.80
Photographer The Phoenix 8.50
Sports Editor The Phoenix 8.80
Sports Reporter The Phoenix 8.80
Staff Artist The Phoenix 8.80
Underhill Assistant Underhill Library Assistant 8.50
Office Assistant V.P. Development 8.20
Writing Associate Writing Associates Program 8.80
Writing Associates Coordinator Writing Associates Program 8.80