Pets in the Workplace and on College Grounds

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For many community members, allowing pets in the workplace greatly enhances the working, living, and learning environment. Each community member must be respectful of others recognizing that having a pet in the workplace is a privilege that bears the responsibility of proper hygienic care and attention to those pets while at work. We must also be aware of the need for heightened consideration of the sensitivities and vulnerabilities of fellow community members who may suffer from allergies or who may have serious apprehensions about animals.

As a general policy, the College does not permit animals to be in any of the indoor public areas of any College buildings, unless passage is being sought through hallways and other spaces in order to reach the employee's own individual office. Research animals and approved service animals are the exception to this policy. The College requires employees to at all times be in close proximity to their pets, maintain full control of their pets, and to short-leash pets when moving through public areas to reach their individual offices. The College explicitly restricts pets from:

  • The Martin building, in order to comply with federal animal research requirements
  • Residence halls
  • Sharples
  • Essie Mae's Snack Bar
  • Athletic fields

The College will permit employees with pets that are short-leashed, at their side, and under full control to make a food or beverage purchase in the Kohlberg or Science

Center Coffee Bars. However, employees may not linger or sit with their pets in these indoor public lounge areas, even if a purchase was made. Pets will not be allowed in any other indoor public areas, unless specifically permitted in this policy.

The College will permit employees to have their pets inside their individual offices, as long as it meets with the approval of the employee's department head and it does not present any concern for the health, safety, and well being of individuals in the building. These pets may not be allowed to wander outside the office and must be under full control when another person enters the office. A clear sign (i.e., "Dog Inside") must be placed on the outside of a closed office door when a pet is inside the office. This will provide advance notice and avoid unnecessary startling to any person who may need to enter that office for a business purpose. Employees who do bring their pets to work are wholly responsible for making sure that their offices and all other College property remain undamaged and clean of pet-caused dirt or debris.

On all College grounds, including the Crum Woods, all dogs must be leashed, fully and at all times under personal control of, and in close proximity to the caretaker. The caretaker must promptly clean up and properly dispose of pet waste. In all areas of the College grounds, the Swarthmore Borough leash law shall also apply. Swarthmore Borough Ord. 949 §608.02

Where a concern arises and where agreement cannot first be reasonably reached between community members, concerns about improper care, unleashing in indoor public spaces, cleanliness, threat, or other disturbance by a pet in the workplace should be reported to Human Resources or Public Safety. Reports of unleashed or uncontrolled dogs on College grounds should be made to Public Safety (x8330) or to the Swarthmore Borough police department.