Christina Wallen

Essie Mae's

“We make people laugh, smile, and enjoy their time at the College.”

At Essie Mae’s snack bar, we’re busy day and night. Students count on us to provide quality food, snacks, and a fun place to gather on campus. I make a difference every day knowing that I’ve helped students and professors re-energize to do their work studying or teaching a class. It’s great to see so many people from different departments across campus and to greet the visitors, parents, and prospective students who are interested in Swarthmore College.

I’ve been here 12 years, and I enjoy coming to work knowing that my team is more than a group of co-workers. We know each other’s families, kids, and grandkids. It is a fun environment; although we’re busy, I’ve learned to adapt and be understanding because team members support one another. We make people laugh, smile, and enjoy their time at the College. 

I love the opportunity to meet so many different students from across the world. It’s opened up my eyes to see how we’re all connected through different cultures and foods.