Swarthmore College Archives: Student Affairs and Student Records

Many student affairs records are restricted; contact the Curator to inquire about securing permission to access the records.

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Admissions and Financial Aid

In the early years of Swarthmore College, applicants applied directly to the College President and the cost of attendance was $350 per year. In the 21st century, a separately staffed Admissions Office and an Office of Financial Aid exist to support these functions. This small collection, dating from 1869 to 2003, includes admissions blanks, lists of applicants, reports, and other materials that document Swarthmore's admissions and financial aid policies and procedures.
Call number: RG6/N

Dean's Office

The Dean of Students oversees vital aspects of student life, including pre-major academic advising, career services, health and psychological services, residential life, multicultural initiatives, and social and extracurricular activities. The Swarthmore College Dean's Office records, 1871-1997, include correspondence files, meeting minutes, reports, clippings from the student newspaper ("The Phoenix") and other publications, and other documents pertaining to student life on campus and administrative matters with which past Deans have been involved. Early regulations predating the appointment of the first Dean in 1890 that relate to student behavior and discipline are also stored with this collection. Note that access to parts of this collection is currently restricted.
Call number: RG6/M004

Men's Judiciary Committee

The Men's Judiciary Committee was established at Swarthmore College during the 1951-1952 academic year as a committee selected by the Men's Executive Committee to have jurisdiction over cases in which male undergraduates violated college rules in the dormitories or campus, with the exception of in the fraternity lodges. Access to this collection is restricted; contact the Curator for more information.
Call number: RG6/M001

Student Council

Student Council was created in 1937 as a companion organization to the Women's Student Government Association (WSGA) and the Men's Student Government Association (MSGA), charged with governing situations and activities involving both men and women.  After 1970, Student Council has been the sole non-judicial student governing body on campus.
Call number: RG6/M003

Student Judiciary Committee

The Student Judiciary Committee at Swarthmore College was established in 1958, composed of members selected from the Men's and Women's Judiciary Committees, to deal with car regulations and infractions involving both men and women students. In 1970, the three committees were consolidated into a single Student Judiciary Committee elected by the entire student body.
Call number: RG6/M002  Access to this collection is restricted; contact the Curator for more information.

Registrar's Office

Access to all student records is restricted by law (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974). Requests to view student records must be submitted through the Registrar's Office. Microfilm copies of student records up to and including the graduating class of 2000 are retained in the Swarthmore College Archives.
Call number: RG6/O