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Other Organizational Records

Photograph of Council between Winnebago and Omaha tribes with Superintendent Janney in Nebraska in 1871

Council between Winnebago and Omaha tribes with Superintendent Janney in Nebraska in 1871

Friends Historical Library holds the records of many organizations that were established by or largely under the direction of members of the Society of Friends.

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Abington Friends School. Account Book, 1828-1842. Call number: RG4/001

All American Friends Conference, 1929, Oskaloosa, IA. Records, 1929. Call number: RG4/002

American Friends Fellowship Council Records, 1933-1954. Call number: RG4/004

American Friends Service Committee. Committee on Rights of Conscience Records, 1955-1962. Call number: RG4/006

Annual Association for the Relief of Sick Children in the Summer Records, 1818-1862. Call number: RG4/007

Association for the Care of Colored Orphans (The Shelter) Records, 1822-1979. Call number: RG4/008

Association of Friends for the Free Instruction of Adult Colored Persons Records, 1789-1905. Call number: RG4/009

Collection of Atlantic City Friends Records, 1872-1976. Inventory available in the repository. Call number: RG4/113

Benevolent Association of New Brighton Records, 1846-1977. Call number: RG4/72

Benezet House Association Call number: RG4/10

Bucks Auxiliary Bible Association of Friends Records, 1830-1845. Call number: RG4/11

Burlington First Day School Union Minutes, 1894-1902. Call number: RG4/78

Byberry Hall Association Records, 1847-1981. Call number: RG4/12

Byberry Library Company Records, 1794-1922. Call number: RG4/13

Byberry School Association Records, 1837-1844. Call number: RG4/14

Central Employment Association Records, 1840-1942. Call number: RG4/15

Central Soup Records, 1860-1968. Call number: RG4/100

Chester Friends' Association Records, 1901-1931. Call number: RG4/16

Convention of Delegates of the Seven Yearly Meetings on Indian Affairs Records, 1869-1884. Call number: RG4/17

Deptford Free School Minutes, 1774-1893. Call number: RG4/77

Evangelical Friends Association: See RG5/33: Carlisle G. Davidson Papers.

Fair Hill Burial Ground Records, 1705-[ongoing]. Call number: RG4/69

Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia Records, 1956-2000 Call number: RG4/112.

Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts Records, 1993-1998. Call number: RG4/109

Female Association of Philadelphia for the Relief of the Sick and Infirm Poor Records, 1829-1978. Call number: RG4/18

Fowler Orphanage Association, 1926-1987. Call number: RG4/123

Friendly Woman Records, 1987-[ongoing]. Call number: RG4/87

Friends Association of Byberry Records, 1900-1932. Call number: RG4/19

Friends Boarding Home Association Records, 1877-1913. Call number: RG4/84

Friends Boarding Home of Bucks Quarterly Meeting Records, 1896-1970. Call number: RG4/20

Friends Boarding Home of Burlington Quarterly Meeting Records, 1898-1985. Call number: RG4/89

Friends Boarding Home of Concord Quarterly Meeting Records, 1890-1991. Call number: RG4/81

Friends Book Association of Philadelphia Records, 1873-1909. Call number: RG4/21

Friends Central School in Philadelphia Records, 1844-1951. Call number: RG4/22

Friends Circle (Baltimore, Md.) Minutes, 1884-1896. Call number: RG4/80

Friends Committee on Unity with Nature Minutes, 1987-2015. Call number RG4/104

Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology Records, 1938-1997 [bulk 1943-1997]. Call number: RG4/93

Friends Employment Society Records, 1862-1954. Call number: RG4/98

Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Concerns Records, 1973-2009. Call number: RG4/91

Friends Freedmen's Association of Philadelphia Records, 1863-1982. Call number: RG4/24

Friends General Conference Records, 1867-[ongoing]. Call number: RG4/25

Friends Historical Association Records, 1942-2001. Call number: RG4/26

Friends Historical Library Records, 1879-2007 Call number: RG4/27

Friends Homes for Children ("Friendly Acres") Records, 1881-1988. Call number: RG4/86

Friends Housing Inc. Records, 1966-1975. Call number: RG4/30

Friends Indian Aid Association of Philadelphia Records, 1869-1875. Call number: RG4/31

Friends Instruction Association Records, 1873-1894 Call number: RG4/028.

Friends Intelligencer Associates, Executive Committee Records, 1885-1944 Call number: RG4/029

Friends International Service Reference Files, 1916-1944. Call number: RG4/32

Friends Journal Records. See: Friends Publishing Corporation Records.

Friends Literary and Library Association (New York, N.Y.) Records, 1880-1906. Call number: RG4/96

Friends Medical Society Records, 1950-1983. Call number: RG4/34

Friends Neighborhood Guild Records, 1880-1962. Call number: RG4/35

Friends Opportunity in the Orient Records, 1923-1924. Call number: RG4/36

Friends Publishing Corporation Records, 1959-2005. Call number: RG4/33

Friends Reading Circle of Media Minutes, 1877-1891. Call number: RG4/70

Friends' Sesqui-Centennial Commission Records, 1925-1926. Call number: RG4/37

Friends Social Lyceum Minutes, 1872-1882. Call number: RG4/71

Friends Social Union (Ambler, Pa.) Records, 1907-1921. Call number: RG4/38

Friends Social Union (Philadelphia, Pa.) Records, 1924-1970. Call number: RG4/39

Friends Temperance Union (New York, N.Y.) Records, 1876-1905. Call number: RG4/94

Friends World College Records, 1958-1994. Call number: RG4/82

Friends World College Collection of Papers, 1957-1992 Call number: RG4/116

Friends World Committee for Consultation. Section of the Americas Records, 1933-2012 Call number: RG1/01

Gasport Woman's Christian Temperance Union Records, ca. 1912-1967.  Call numberL  RG4/126

Gibbons Home Records, bulk 1892-1969 Call number: RG4/106

The Grandom Institution and Affiliated Organizations Records, 1765-1971. Call number: RG4/40

Griscom Hall Association Records, 1907-1961. Call number: RG4/41

Gwynedd Boarding School Records, 1847-1901. Call number: RG4/42

Harned Records, 1931-1996. Call number: RG4/83

Hollywood Children's Summer Home Records, 1892-1922. Call number: RG4/79

Home for Destitute Colored Children. See RG4/43: Sunnycrest Farm for Negro Boys (Cheyney, Pa.)

Home for the Moral Reform of Destitute Colored Children Records, 1859-1907. Call number: RG4/44

The Howard Institution Records, 1857-1956. Call number: RG4/45

Incest Survivors Resource Network International Papers, 1983-1998. Call number: RG4/101

Joint Committee on Indian Affairs Records, 1836-1850. Call number: RG4/46

Kendal Residents' Association Records, 1972-1995 Call number: RG4/118

King's Daughters Records, 1892-1975. Call number: RG4/099

Ladies' Art Association Records, 1871-1914. Call number: RG4/047

Martha Schofield Scholarship Fund Records, 1975-1980. Call number: RG4/048

Martin Academy Record Book, 1880-1927. Call number: RG4/049

Media Friends Association Minutes, 1894-1925. Call number: RG4/085

Media-Providence Friends School Records, 1881-[ongoing]. Call number: RG4/050

Meeting School Records, 1957-2014.  Call number: RG4/129

National Capital Area Association of Friends Records, 1966-1982. Call number: RG4/67

National Conference of Friends on Race Relations Records, 1960-1970. Call number: RG4/108

New York Assn. of Friends For the Relief of Those Held in Slavery Records, 1839-1844. Call number: RG4/051

New York Female Association Records, 1798-1988. Call number: RG4/095

Niblick Club. See RG4/55: Ozone Gold Club.

Niles Friends World College Collection of Papers. See RG4/116 Friends World College Collection of Papers.

North American Quaker Tapestry Records, 1988-2013. Call number: RG4/090

Northern Association of the City and County of Philadelphia for the Relief and Employment of Poor Women Records, 1841-1929. Call number: RG4/053

Novelty Club Records, 1887-1992 Call number: RG4/107

Oral History Among Friends in Chester County, Pa. Records, 1978-1979. Call number: RG4/054

Ozone Golf Club Records, 1901-1969. Call number: RG4/055

Partnership for Productivity Records, 1968-1990 Call number: RG4/102

Pendle Hill Records, 1915-2008. Call number: RG4/066

Penington Friends House Records, 1896-1985 Call number: RG4/115

Penn Sewing School Records, 1868-1906. Call number: RG4/056

Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society: See MSS/001/053 (Account Books).

Pennsylvania Hall Association Records, 1837-1899 [bulk 1837-1849]. Call number: RG4/074

Philadelphia Quaker Women Records, 1961-1971. Call number: RG4/057

Philadelphia Young Friends' Association Records, 1888-1976. Call number: RG4/058

Quaker Earthcare Witness Records, 1987-2015. Call number: RG4/104

Quaker Lesbian Conference Records, 1977-2009.  Call number:  RG4/128

Quakers Uniting in Publications Call number: RG4/103.

Quaker Universalist Fellowship Records, 1982-1990 Call number: RG4/110.

Quaker Information Center Records, 1989-2010 Call number: RG4/117

Richard Humphreys Foundation Records, 1837-1982. Call number: RG4/059

Schofield Normal and Industrial School of Aiken, S.C., Records, 1870--1957. Call number: RG4/060

School of the Spirit Records, 1990-1998. Call number: RG4/127

Sky Island Papers, 1945-1947.  Call number RG 4/121

Spring Street Settlement: See RG4/35: Friends Neighborhood Guild.

Sunnycrest Farm for Negro Boys (Cheyney, Pa.) Records, 1855-1956. Call number: RG4/043

Swarthmore Refugee House Records, 1979-1994. Call number: RG4/088

The Temperance Association of Friends of Media. Call number: RG4/063

Thread and Needle Society.  See: Collected Papers of Alice P. Hadley and the Thread and Needle Society.  Call number:  RG5/302

Trenton Friends Association Records, 1883-1909. Call number: RG4/064

Trenton Friends Literary Society Minute Book, 1893-1903 Call number: RG4/105

Union Lyceum Records, 1875-1900. Call number: RG4/065

Virginia Friends Conference Records, 1967-1995. Call number: RG4/092

West River Quaker Burial Ground Records, 1862-1994. Call number: RG4/114

William Penn House Records, 1966-2004. Call number: RG4/119

World Council of Churches: See RG5 044: Bliss Forbush World Council of Churches Papers.

Young Friends Aid Association Records, 1873-1967. Call number: RG4/97

Young Friends Association of Purchase, N.Y. Minutes, 1892-1894. Call number: RG4/75

Young Friends of Kennett Minutes, 1892-1905. Call number: RG4/76