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Family and Personal Papers

Stereocard photograph of Lucretia Mott

The largest category of collections in Friends Historical Library is that of Personal and Family Papers. These materials include correspondence, journals and diaries, and property records of Quaker individuals and family groups they date from the mid 17th century to the present. Researchers may browse the finding aids linked below, or may use our search engines to look for specific names or topics.

Tips for Searching the Finding Aids:

  • The first place to look is in the on-line catalogue, TRIPOD. Tripod includes all of the larger collections in this Record Group, as well as many of the smaller ones, generally identified by the call prefix "SC." Detailed inventories of the former may also be found here, in our on-line finding aids.
  • Use Ctrl-F (Cmd-F on a Mac) on your keyboard to search on this page, or browse through the list.
  • A separate search engine is available to search all of the finding aids. This search utility does not include either the Tripod records or the site itself.

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A to E

Allen Family Papers, 1700-1954. Call number: RG5/001

John Alston Papers, 1797-1874. Call number: RG5/002

Apgar, Margaret P. Friends House Writings, 1980-1995. Call number: RG5/225

Arnold, Mary Ellicott. Papers, 1888-1970.Call number: RG5/003

Ash, Samuel Shinn. Papers. See: RG5/004, Ash-Schofield Family Papers.

Ash-Schofield Family Papers, 1888-1970.Call number: RG5/004

Atkinson, Wilmer. Papers, 1881-1948. Call number: RG5/005

Bacon, Margaret Hope Research Papers. Call number: RG5/276

Bacon, Francis R. Papers, 1948-1964.Call number: RG5/006

Bailey, C. Lloyd and Mary Margaret Bailey Papers, 1980-1991.Call number: RG5/227

Bailey-Wood Family Papers, 1847-1957.Call number: RG5/250

Baker, Elizabeth Newlin. Papers, 1932-1969.Call number: RG5/248

Balderston Family Papers, 1917-1949.  Call number:  RG5/299

Bancroft, Joseph. Family Papers, 1858-1890. Call number: RG5/007

Barton Manuscript. See FHL Manuscript Collection, MSS 009.

Bartram Family. Papers, 1843-1874.Call number: RG5/008

Bassett Family. Papers, 1676-1846.Call number: RG5/009

Bassett-Little Family.  Papers, 1923-2015.  Call number:  RG5/277

Battin Family. Papers. See: RG5/010, Battin, Isaac. Correspondence.

Battin, Isaac. Correspondence, 1865-1912. Call number: RG5/010

Baxter, William. Papers, 1840-1942.Call number: RG5/011

Bean, Joel. Papers, 1825-1914.Call number: RG5/012

Bettle Family. Papers, 1800-1955.Call number: RG5/013

Bettle, Samuel. Family Papers. See RG5/013, Bettle Family Papers.

Biddle Manuscripts. See Biddle Family Papers, RG5/177

Biddle Family Papers, 1793-1951.Call number: RG5/177

Blom, Dorothea Johnson. Papers, 1961-1975. Call number: RG5/241

Blood, Robert O. and Margaret C. Blood. Papers, 1942-1999.Call number: RG5/263

Bond, Elizabeth Powell. Papers, 1856-1958. [bulk 1888-1925]. Call number: RG5/014

Bourne, Howard J. Papers, 1947-1963. Call number: RG5/015

Bourne, John H. Robbins Family Papers, 1849-1934. Call number: RG5/130

Branch, Benjamin Harrison. Papers, 1853-1992 [bulk 1977-1992]. Call number: RG5/176

Branson-Jackson Family Papers, 1794-1962.Call number: RG5/016

Brantingham-Stratton Family Papers, 1797-1937.Call number: RG5/017

Brey, Jane W.T. Collection of Family Findings, 1682-1894. Call number: RG5/018

Bringhurst, James. Collection of Bringhurst Family Correspondence, 1780-1811. Call number: MSS 046

Brinton, Joseph. Family Papers, 1758-1931 Call number: RG5/233

Brooks Family Papers, 1790-1992.Call number: RG5/252

Broomell-Cleghorn-Fisher Papers, 1876-1967. Call number: RG5/278

Broomell, Anna Pettit. Papers. See RG5/019, Broomell-Pettit Family Papers.

Broomell-Pettit Family Papers, 1797-1919. Call number: RG5/019

Brosius, Lewis Walton. Genealogical Notes and Data, 1856-1930. Call number: RG5/020

Bunting, Morgan. Genealogical Research Papers, ca. 1710--1938.Call number: RG5/255

Bunting, Samuel J. Family Papers, 1789-1941.Call number: RG5/021

Bunting Family Papers, 1739-1957.Call number: RG5/220

Bye Family. Papers, 1685-1931.Call number: RG5/022

Bye (M. Harlan) Papers. See RG5/022, Bye Family Papers.

Bye, Arthur Edwin. Genealogical Materials, [ca. 1940]-1956.Call number: RG5/023

Bye, Mary. Papers, 1966-[on-going]. Call number: RG5/024

Cadbury, Richard Tapper. Papers, 1799-1924. Call number: RG5/025

Camp, William P. Papers, 1936-1993. Call number: RG5/244

Campbell, Helen. King Family Papers, 1733-1878 (bulk). Call number: RG5/226

Carroll, Helen M. Papers, 1955-1992. Call number: RG5/305

Carroll, Kenneth L. Papers, 1953-2006. Call number: RG5/287

Chapman, Mariana Wright. Family Papers, 1808-1983 Call number: RG5/260

Clark, Rebecca Timbres. Papers, 1853-1999 [bulk 1920-1990]. Call number: RG5/026

Clarke, Eleanor Stabler. Family Papers, 1950-1979. Call number: RG5/185

Cleghorn, Sarah Norcliffe. Papers, 1910-1955. See RG5/278, Broomell-Cleghorn-Fisher Papers.

Clement, Louise K. Papers. See: FHL Picture Collection.

Codding, Ichabod. Papers, 1830-1866.Call number: RG5/028

Coffin Family. Papers, 1797-1932.Call number: RG5/029

Coffin-Baxter Papers. See: RG5/011, William Baxter Papers.

Collins, Margaret H. Papers, 1932-2006. Call number: RG5/266

Collins Family Papers, 1797-1937.Call number: RG5/173

Comly-White Family. Papers, 1771-1961. Call number: RG5/030

Cooper Family. Papers, 1780-1926.Call number: RG5/031

Cooper (Bain) Papers. See RG5/032, Cooper-Richardson Family Papers.

Cooper-Richardson Family Papers, 1863-1977.Call number: RG5/032

Cope Manuscripts. See Cope Family Papers, RG5/178

Cope Family Papers, 1792-1877.Call number: RG5/178

Cronk, Sandra Lee. Papers, 1965-1999.Call number: RG5/235

Darlington, Charles J. (Charles Joseph). Papers, 1950-1966. See RG5/296

Darlington Family Papers, 1831-2004 Call number:  RG5/296

Davidson, Carlisle G. Papers, 1971-1975.Call number: RG5/033

Davies-Gayner Papers. See RG5/048, Robert Heydon Gayner Papers.

Davis, Bainbridge C. Papers, 1960-1993 Call number: RG5/212

Martha L. Deed Papers, 1950-1999 & n.d. Call number: RG5/285

Dixon-Seeds Family Papers, 1796-1916.Call number: RG5/034

DuBois, Rachel Davis. Papers, 1920-1993.Call number: RG5/035

Eastburn, Margaret R. Papers, 1786-1951.Call number: RG5/036

Elkinton Family. Papers. 1736- Call number: RG5/037.

Emlen Family. Papers, 1796-1866.Call number: RG5/038

Evangelical Friends Association Papers. See RG5/033, Carlisle G. Davidson Papers.

Evans, Edward W. (Edward Wyatt). Quaker Concerns Papers, 1938-1951.Call number: RG5/237

Evans, Joshua. Papers, ca. 1788- ca. 1804.Call number: RG5/190

Eyre Family Papers, 1840-1898.Call number: RG5/179



F to L

Fager, Charles E. Papers, 1976-1999. Call number: RG5/214

Fell Family Papers, 1819-1885. Call number: RG5/039

Ferris Family Papers, 1737-1940 Call number: RG5/040

Ferris-Wetherald Family Papers Call number: RG5/041

Fisher-Warner. Family Papers, 1684-1924. Call number: RG5/042

Fisher-Whitson Family Papers, 1778-2011.  Call number: RG5/281

Forbush, Bliss. Papers, circa 1915-1979 [bulk 1920-1979]. Call number: RG5/043

Forbush, Bliss. World Council of Churches Papers, 1941-1961. Call number: RG5/044

Foster, John Henry. Foster-Meyers Family Papers, 1765-2001. Call number: RG5/221

Foster-Meyers Family Papers, 1765-2001. See RG5/221, John H. Foster Family Papers.

Fothergill Family papers, ca.1763-1995. Call number: RG5/270

Foulke Family. Papers, ca. 1654-1999 [bulk 1750-1860] Call number: RG5/045

Foulke, Eliza Ambler. Research Papers, 1866-1977. Call number: RG5/200

Foulke, Thomas & Eliza Research Papers. See RG5/071, Barbara Jacobson Research Papers.

Fowler, Albert V. Albert V.& Helen W. Fowler Papers, 1923-1970. Call number: RG5/046

Frazer-Willets Family Papers, ca.1763-1995. Call number: RG5/208

Frazier, Elizabeth Pearsall. Family Papers, 1769-1914 [bulk 1807-1848]. Call number: RG5/120

Freiday, Dean. Papers, 1956-1999. Call number: RG5/215

Frost, J. William. Papers, 1973-2004. Call number: RG5/253

Fuchs, Emil. Papers, 1934-1939. Call number: RG5/047

Furnas, Elizabeth. Papers, 1928-1967. Call number: RG5/283

Furnas Papers. See RG5/163, Aaron White Papers.

Fuson, Nelson. Family Papers, 1909-1996. Call number: RG5/261

Gayner, Robert Heydon. Papers, 1927-1932. Call number: RG5/048

Gensemer, Eleanor Ayres. Collection of Quaker Family Papers, 1729-1930. Call number: RG5/049

George Family Papers, 1681-1887. Call number: RG5/170

Gibbons, Abby Hopper. Papers, 1824-1992. Call number: RG5/174

Gidley and Carter Family Papers, 1843-1938.  Call number:  RG5/309

Gilbert, Dora Anne. Papers, 1893-1958. Call number: RG5/050

Gilbert Family Papers. See RG5/050, Dora Anne Gilbert Papers.

Gillingham, Anna. Papers, 1849-1962. Call number: RG5/051

Gove-Meader. Family Papers, 1818-1924.  Call number:  RG5/294

Green, Albert Lamborn. Papers, 1869-1934. Call number: RG5/175

Griffith Family. Papers, 1754-1890. Call number: RG5/052

Griscom, Anna Bassett. Papers, ca. 1914-1962. Call number: RG5/053

Hadley, Alice P.  Collected Papers of Alice P. Hadley and the Thread and Needle Society, 1873-1897 (bulk).  Call number:  RG5/302

Hadley, Herbert M. FWCC Research Papers, 1980-1993 (bulk). Call number: RG5/269

Hadley, Wayne B. Genealogical Papers, 1927-2008. Call number: RG5/272

Haines Collection. See RG5/055, Samuel B. Haines Papers.

Haines, Elizabeth Shinn. Papers, 1836-1882. Call number: RG5/054

Haines, Samuel B. Papers, 1850-1894. Call number: RG5/055

Haines Papers (Zebedee). See RG5/056, Zebedee and Anna P.H. Haines Family Papers.

Haines, Zebedee. Zebedee & Anna P. H. Haines Family Papers, 1857-1922. Call number: RG5/056

Hallowell Family. Papers. See RG5/057, Hallowell-Stabler Family Papers.

Hallowell-Stabler Family Papers, 1811-1946. Call number: RG5/057

Hanbury-Aggs Family Papers, 1718-1914. Call number: RG5/058

Hancock, Cornelia. Correspondence, 1865-1880 (bulk).  Call number:  RG5/308

Harris, Dorothy. Papers, 1927-1959. Call number: RG5/216

Harvey, Francis A. Diaries, 1928-1942, 1962-2001 Call number: RG5/246

Harvey Family Papers. See Leonard, Dorothy Harvey

Haviland Family Papers, 1754-1931. Call number: RG5/059

Hayes, John Russell. Papers, 1880-1936. Call number: RG5/180

Heacock Family Papers, 1773-1928. Call number: RG5/060

Hicks, Elias. Elias Hicks Manuscripts, 1779-1948 [bulk 1779-1830]. Call number: Hicks Manuscripts

Hicks Family Papers, 1784-1940. Call number: RG5/282

Hicks, Isaac. Family Papers, 1798-ca. 1956 [bulk 1798-1818]. Call number: RG5/197

Hinshaw, William Wade. Quaker Meeting Abstracts Papers. Call number: RG5/061

Hoag, Joseph. Family Papers, 1813-1864. Call number: RG5/199

Hobson, William. Papers, 1851-1891. Call number: RG5/062

Holcombe, Hadassah Moore Leeds. Diaries, 1904-1977. Call number: RG5/063

Holmes, Jesse Herman. Papers, 1905-1973. Call number: RG5/064

Holmes-Webb Family Papers, 1839-1972. Call number: RG5/065

Howitt, William and Mary. Papers, 1827-1886. Call number: RG5/181

Hopkins, Mary R. Papers, 1936-1998. Call number: RG5/222

Howland, Emily. Family Papers, 1927-1929. Call number: RG5/066

Howland-Kirby Family Papers, ca. 1790 - ca. 1973. Call number: RG5/067

Howland-Shearman Family Correspondence, 1800-1916.  Call number: RG5/303

Howland-Talcott Family Papers. See RG5/066, Emily Howland Family Papers.

Hubben, William. Papers, 1906-1976. Call number: RG5/068

Hull, William I. Papers, 1843-1939. Call number: RG5/069

Hunn, Lydia J. Papers, 1881-1908. Call number: RG5/070

Hunt, Elliott Baldwin. See Purdy Family Papers, 1801-ca. 2004. Call number:  RG5/243.

Hunt, John. Papers, 1770-1828. Call number: RG5/240

Iden, George. Daybooks, 1859-1898. Call number: RG5/259

Jackson, Ann P. Family Papers, 1776-1856 [bulk 1813-1856]. Call number: RG5/186

Jackson, Elmore. Papers, 1927-1985. Call number: RG5/202

Jackson, George B. Family Papers, 1694-1986.  Call number:  RG5/292

Jackson, Halliday. Manuscripts, 1755-1833. Call number: RG5/182

Jackson, John. Papers, 1827-1849. Call number: RG5/171

Jackson-Conard Family Papers, 1748-1910. Call number: RG5/217

Jacobson, Barbara Sprogell. Foulke Research Papers, 1921-1989 [bulk 1987-1989]. Call number: RG5/071

Janney, Asa M.  Family Papers, 1831-1950.  Call number:  RG5/310

Janney, O. Edward. O. Edward and Anne B. Janney Papers, 1874-1945. Call number: RG5/072

Janney, Samuel MacPherson. Papers, 1815-1880. Call number: RG5/183

Janney-Timbres Papers. See RG5/026, Rebecca Timbres Clark Papers .

Jenkins, Charles F. (Charles Francis). Papers, 1865-1950. Call number: RG5/073.

Jenkins, Howard Malcolm. Family Papers, 1724-1904. Call number: RG5/074

Jenkins, Patience H. (Patience Hunn). Papers, 1841-1860.  Call number:  RG5/288

Jenkins, T. Atkinson. London Conference Project Research Papers, 1917-1919. Call number: RG5/075

Jenkins Family Papers, 1741-1877. Call number: RG5/211

Jennings-Clark-Eldridge Family Papers, 1786-1871. Call number: RG5/076

John, Rebecca. Perry and Rebecca John Papers, 1805-1873. Call number: RG5/236

John Family Papers, 1775-1951. Call number: RG5/077

Johnson, Emily Cooper Papers, 1884-1964. Call number: RG5/078

Jolliffe, Kyle.  Young Friends of North America Research Papers, 1916-1997.  Call number:  RG5/279

Jones, Margaret E. Papers, 1937-1969. Call number: RG5/167

Jones, Sarah. Family Papers, 1817-1907. Call number: RG5/100

Judson, Helen S. Sherwood Select School Papers, 1909-1973. Call number: RG5/228

Justice, George M.  Memorandums, 1825-1861.  Call number:  RG5/298

Bruce Grimes and Geoffrey Kaiser Journal Collection, 1971-1999. Call number: RG5/284

Kaltenbach Family. Correspondence, 1935-1941.  Call number:  RG5/291

Kent-Barnard Family Papers, 1785-1928. Call number: RG5/079

King Family Papers. See RG5/226, Helen Campbell, King Family Papers.

Kite-Bassett Family Papers, 1837-1930. Call number: RG5/080

Knight Family. Papers, 1737-1895. Call number: RG5/081

Knight, Lavinia Lloyd. Papers, 1825-1857. Call number: RG5/082

Knowles, Mary. W.J. Memorial Library Controversy Papers, 1939-1961 [bulk 1953-1960]. Call number: RG5/083

Laimbeer, William. Genealogical Papers, ca. 1950-ca. 1975. Call number: RG5/084

Lamb-Booth-Miller Family Papers, 1709-1959. Call number: RG5/085

Leonard, Dorothy Harvey. Harvey Family Papers, 1851-2003. Call number: RG5/245

Levick, Hannah Moore. Family Papers, 1766-1896. Call number: RG5/086

Lewis Papers. See RG5/087, Lewis-Fussell Family Papers.

Lewis-Fussell Family Papers, 1698-1978. Call number: RG5/087

Lightfoot Family Papers, 1737-1899. Call number: RG5/184

Little, May Virginia Bassett Album Collection, 1955-1994. See Bassett-Little Family Papers.  Call number: RG5/277

Lippincott, Elizabeth R. Family Papers, 1793-1979.Call number: RG5/088

Lippincott, Horace Mather. Family Papers, 1752-2010. Call number: RG5/251

Lippincott, Joanna Wharton.  Correspondence, 1877-1938.  Call number:  RG5/295

Lippincott, Martha Shepard.  Writings, 1886-1939.  Call number:  RG5/307

Litvackoff, Florence Cook. Longstreth-Noble Family Papers, 1735-1980. Call number: RG5/231

Livezey Family Papers, 1773-1925.Call number: RG5/089

Livezey-Laughlin Family PapersCall number: RG5/271

Lloyd Family Papers, 1769-1890.Call number: RG5/090

Lloyd, Morris. Family Papers, 1832-1939.Call number: RG5/091

Longstreth-Noble Family Papers, 1781-1964. See RG5/231, Florence Cook Litvackoff Family Papers.

Lundy, Joseph Wilmer. Family Papers, 1781-1964.Call number: RG5/092

Lupton Family. Papers, ca. 1792-1964.Call number: RG5/093



M to Q

McCandless, John H. Papers, 1944-1988. Call number: RG5/205

MacClelland, Emma Chandler. Papers, 1918-1919. Call number: RG5/094

MacDowell, Edwin Carleton. Papers, 1917-1927. Call number: RG5/095

McDowell-Jones Papers. See RG5/100, Jones, Sarah. Family Papers, 1817-1907.

Magill Family Papers, 1846-1909. Call number: RG5/096

Maris, Robert Hoopes. Papers, 1918-1920. Call number: RG5/097

Marshall, Wilmer W. Papers, 1859-1889. Call number: RG5/213

Mather, Eleanore Price. Edward Hicks Research Papers, 1969-1984. Call number: RG5/098

Mather-Nicholson Family Papers, 1822-1903.  Call number: RG5/297

Maulsby-Albertson Family Papers, 1763-1884. Call number: RG5/099

Merritt, Jesse. Family Papers, 1838-1949. Call number:RG5/101

Merritt, John J. Family Papers, 1818-1871. Call number: RG5/102

Middleton Family. Genealogical Research Papers, 1874-1937. Call number: RG5/104

Middleton, Joseph S. (Joseph Steward). Genealogical Papers, 1903-1937. Call number: RG5/103

Miller, Richmond P. (Richmond Pearson) Papers, 1902-1972. Call number: RG5/105

Moore-Tyson Family Papers, 1803-1986. Call number: RG5/206

Morris, Anna Wharton. Papers, 1729-1957. Call number: RG5/106

Mott, Lucretia. Mott Manuscripts, 1831-1959. Call number: MSS/035

Moulton, Phillips P. Woolman Research Papers, 1965-1988. Call number: RG5/196

Murphy, Carol R. Papers, 1918-1993. Call number: RG5/195

Murray, Lindley. Papers, 1785-1830. Call number: RG5/198

Myers, E. Mae.  Papers, 1896-1942.  Call number:  RG5/301

Nicholson, S. Francis Papers, 1900-2005. Call number: RG5/275

Niles Family Papers, 1881-1992. Call number: RG5/267

Nitobe, Inazo. Papers, 1890-1991. Call number: RG5/107

Ogden, Charles Smith. Family Papers, 1681-1938. Call number: RG5/108

Orick, William. Research Papers, 1945-1990 [bulk 1960-1990]. Call number: RG5/172

Paine, Ruth Hyde. Marina Oswald Papers, 1963-1968. Call number: RG5/109

Painter, Levinius K. Papers, 1960-1983. Call number: RG5/209

Painter Family Papers, 1676-1948. Call number: RG5/110

Palmer Brothers. Civil War Letters, 1862-1865. Call number: RG5/207

Palmer Family Genealogical Manuscript and Deeds, 1722-1966 [bulk 1898]. Call number: RG5/111

Palmer, Anna S. Collected Papers, ca. 1840-1910 Call number: RG5/304

Palmer, Charles. Family Papers, 1829-1942. Call number: RG5/112

Palmer, Edgar Zavitz. Quaker Meeting House Research Papers, 1947-1974. Call number: RG5/113

Palmer, Samuel Copeland. Papers, 1895-1957. Call number: RG5/114

Palmer, Sarah Hopper. Family Papers, 1705-1883. Call number: RG5/115

Parrish, Edward. Parrish Family Papers, 1780-1966. Call number: RG5/229

Parvin Family. Genealogical Research Papers, 1891-1947. Call number: RG5/116

Paschall, Edith Verlanden. Papers, 1736-1961 [bulk 1940-1961]. Call number: RG5/117

Paschall Papers. See RG 5/186, Ann P. Jackson Papers.

Patterson, Mary Sullivan. Papers, 1878-1987. Call number: RG5/118

Paxson, Alice Hall. Scattered Seeds Papers, 1930-1936. Call number: RG5/119

Pearsall Family Papers. See: Elizabeth Pearsall Frazier Family Papers, RG5/120.

Pearson, Paul M. Papers, 1890-1969 [bulk 1890-1938]. Call number: RG5/121

Peaslee-Engle Family Papers, 1893-1961. Call number: RG5/273

Pemberton Manuscripts, 1756-1812.  Call number:  MSS 039

Pidgeon, Mary Elizabeth. Family Papers, 1769-1979 [bulk 1905-1979]. Call number: RG5/123

Pidgeon, Mary Elizabeth. Schlesinger Library Papers, 1906-1979. Call number: RG5/124

Postlethwaite, Edna. Family papers, 1894-1962. Call number: RG5/125

Powell, Aaron M. (Aaron Macy). Papers, 1865-1900. Call number: RG5/122

Price, William Webb. Papers, 1917-1923. Call number: RG5/126

Prickett, William Sharp. Prickett Family Papers, 1716-1932. Call number: RG5/127

Proud Manuscripts. See FHL Manuscript Collection.

Purdy Family Papers, 1801-ca. 2004. Call number: RG5/243.




R to Z

Read, James Morgan. Papers, 1951-1987. Call number: RG5/128

Rees, Deborah G. (Deborah Gorman). African Papers, 1899-1985. Call number: RG5/239

Regen, Rosalie. Papers, 1856-1993. Call number: RG5/166

Reifsnyder-Gillam Family Genealogical Papers, 1900-1902. Call number: RG5/129

Reixach, Karen A. Prison Reform Papers, 1974-1986. Call number: RG5/258

Richardson-Yarnall Family Papers, 1732-1962. Call number: RG5/187.

Richie, David S. and Mary W.  Papers, 1922-2005Call number:  RG5/264

Ringenbach, Ruth. Friends World College Papers, 1975-1985. Call Number: RG5/247.

Robbins, Annie Laurie. See Robbins Family Papers, RG5/130.

Robbins Family. Papers, 1849-1934. See: Bourne, John H., RG5/130.

Roberts, Charles. Family Papers. See: Roberts Family Genealogical Papers, RG5/131.

Roberts Family Genealogical Papers, ca. 1864-1918. Call number: RG5/131

Rodman-Rotch Families. Family Papers, 1763-1865. Call number: RG5/132

Russell, Elbert. Writings, 1893-1951. Call number: RG5/133

Russell-Pownall-Walton Family Papers, 1839-1961. Call number: RG5/280

Schneider, Louis W.  Papers, 1932-2004.  Call number:  RG5/293


Schofield, Martha. Papers, 1853-1944 [bulk 1856-1916]. Call number: RG5/134

Schwabe, Calvin W. Calvin W. & Gwendolyn T. Schwabe Family Correspondence, 1950-1978. Call number: RG5/223

Scull, David Hutchinson. Papers, 1931-1936. Call number: RG5/135

Sharp, Benjamin. Family Papers, 1809-1915. Call number: RG5/136

Sharpless Family Papers, 1792-1892. Call number: MSS 040

Sharpless, Julia Rouse.  Diaries, 1925-2000.  Call number:  RG5/300

Shaw Family Papers, 1737-1890. Call number: RG5/188

Sherwood Select School Papers, See RG5/228, Helen S. Judson, Sherwood Select School Papers.

Sheppard, Moses. Papers, ca. 1794-1927. Call number: RG5/137

Shetter, William Z. Bloomington Monthly Meeting Papers, 1982-1993. Call number: RG5/219

Shoemaker Family. Family Papers, 1831-1878. Call number: RG5/138

Shoemaker, Mary Williams. Papers, 1860-1957. Call number: RG5/139

Skeehan, Olga B. Nora Waln Research Papers, 1933-1990. Call number: RG5/169

Smith, Philip W. Papers, 1906-1981. Call number: RG5/224

Speers, Nancy Peel. Genealogical Papers, 1906-1995 [bulk 1972-1995]. Call number: RG5/194

Stabler Family Papers, 1760-ca. 1988. Call number: RG5/234

Stabler, Anna C. Family Papers, 1675-1864. Call number: RG5/204

Stabler-Lea Family Papers, 1835-1932. Call number: RG5/140

Stabler-Moore Family Papers. See: Stabler-Lea Family Papers, RG5/140.

Stackhouse Family Papers, 1804-1951.  Call number:  RG5/306

Stanton, William Macy. Family Papers, 1937-1995. Call number: RG5/242.

Stephens, William Walker. See: Walker-Stephen Family Papers, RG5/168.

Stout-Alston Family Papers, ca. 1750-1905 [bulk, 1750-1830]. Call number: RG5/141

Stern, T. Noel. Writings, 1939-1995. Call number: RG5/249.

Stratton, Edward F. Collected Papers of Ohio Quakers, 1770-1967. Call number: RG5/142.

Stratton, Edward F., Collector. Samuel Walton Family Papers. See: Walton, Samuel, RG5/254.

Stratton-Walton Family Papers. See: Stratton, Edward F., Collected Papers of Ohio Quakers, RG5/142 and

Streets, Priscilla Walker. Genealogical Research Papers, 1779-ca. 1923 [bulk 1880- 1923]. Call number: RG5/143

Swayne, Norman Walton. Family Papers, 1733-1987. Call number: RG5/144

Tatum, Charles M. , American Friends Service Committee Coal Relief Papers, 1931-1941. Call number: RG5/262

Taylor, C. Marshall (Caleb Marshall). John Greenleaf Whittier Research Papers. Call number: RG5/146

Taylor, C. Marshall (Caleb Marshall). Papers, 1925-1957. Call number: RG5/147

Taylor, Florence E. Family Papers, 1806-1995. Call number: RG5/145

Taylor-Thomson Family Papers, 1817-1955. Call number: RG5/203

Theiss Anna M. (Jackson Branson). Branson-Jackson Family Papers, 1794-1962. Call number: RG5/016

Thomas, Anna Braithwaite. Family Papers, 1869-1943. Call number: RG5/148

Thomas, Wilbur K. (Wilbur Kelsey). Papers, 1914-1933. Call number: RG5/149

Thomas Family Papers, ca. 1867-ca. 1919. Call number: RG5/156

Thorne Family Papers, 1848-1909. Call number: RG5/191

Thornton, William. Family Papers, 1673-1963. Call number: RG5/150

Tinker, Bonnie. Papers, 1963-2009.  Call number:  RG5/290

Tolles, Frederick Barnes, Papers, 1871-1969. Call number: RG5/218

Truman, Dr. George. Family Papers, 1819-1914. Call number: RG5/189

Truman-Underhill Family Papers, 1755-1930. Call number: RG5/151

Turner, Donald Carre. Genealogical Research Papers, 1856-1990. Call number: RG5/201

Turner, Howard Haines. Papers, 1927-1995. Call number: RG5/210

Turner, Rebecca Sinclair. Turner Family Papers, 1776-1954. Call number: RG5/152

Underhill, Benjamin Mott. See: Truman-Underhill Family Papers. RG5/151

Underwood Family Papers, 1833-1927. Call number: RG5/153

Vaux, George. Family Papers, 1885-1995. Call number: RG5/238

Votaw, Ernest. Family Papers, 1913-1929. Call number: RG5/154

Walker Papers. See: Walker-Conard-Cowgill Family Papers, RG5/155.

Walker-Conard-Cowgill Family Papers, 1699-1912 [bulk 1792-1912]. Call number: RG5/155

Nora Waln Literary Papers, 1939-1964. Call number: RG5/265

Waln, Nora. Research Papers. See Skeehan, Olga, RG 5/169.

Walton, George A. (George Arthur). Papers, 1842-1969 [bulk, 1904-1969]. Call number: RG5/157

Walton, Joseph Solomon. Papers, 1878-1943 [bulk, 1878-1910]. Call number: RG5/158

Walton, Margaretta. Family Papers, 1812-1961. Call number: RG5/159

Walton, Samuel. Family Papers, 1813-1819. Call number: RG5/254.

Walton Family Papers, 1725-1930. Call number: RG5/160

Walton-Thomas Family. Papers. See: Thomas Family Papers, RG5/156 and Walton Family Papers, RG5/160.

Watson, George H. and Elizabeth G. Papers, 1970-2007 (bulk). Call number: RG5/268

Wetherill, Samuel. Correspondence, 1780-1816. Call number: RG5/257.

Wharton, Deborah Fisher. Papers, 1815-1876. Call number: RG5/161

Wharton, Joseph. Family Papers, 1691-1955. Call number: RG5/162

White, Aaron. Papers, 1821-1948. Call number: RG5/163

Whittier, John Greenleaf. Whittier Manuscript Collection, 1708-1896 (bulk 1830-1890) Call number: MSS 063

Whittier-Taylor Papers. See: Taylor, C. Marshall (Caleb Marshall). John Greenleaf Whittier Research Papers, RG5/146

Whitson, Benjamin F. Family Papers, 1835-1957. Call number: RG5/164

Wilbur, Henry Watson. Papers, 1879-1914. Call number: RG5/165

Wood, M. S. (Mary Sutton). Wood Family Papers, 1784-1874. Call number: RG5/192

Wood, William. "Gathered Leaves" Collection of Manuscripts, 1694-1871. Call number: MSS 062

World Council of Churches Papers. See: Forbush, Bliss. World Council of Churches Papers, RG5/044.

Worrell, Emma. Family Papers, 1869-1929. Call number: RG5/193

Yarnall, Elizabeth Biddle. Refugee Papers, 1938-1945. Call number: RG5/256.

Young, Wilmer J. and Mildred Binns Papers, 1909-2014. Call number: RG5/289.

Young Friends of North America Research Papers, 1916-1997.  See Jolliffe, Kyle.  Call number:  RG5/279