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Description of Aid Programs for International Students

March 2nd, 2018

Swarthmore Scholarship

The Swarthmore Scholarship is provided through the College as gift aid, and it need not be repaid.  Your scholarship may contain the College's restricted or general funds.  Generous alumni and friends of the College provided much of these funds.  One-half of the amount listed on your aid award letter will appear as a credit on your College bill each semester of the 
2019-20 academic year.  Please note:  If you will be receiving any financial support from a source not listed on our letter, please advise our Financial Aid Office directly so that we may revise your aid award.


The Campus Job

The amount listed on our award letter is neither a requirement nor a limit of your earnings.  We suggest that students work about 7 or 8 hours each week. An F1 visa status allows you to work only on campus and no more than 20 hours per week when classes are in session.  The Student Employment Office (SEO), along with the Director of International Student Services, will lead orientation sessions, host a job fair and meet with you individually to facilitate finding a job. Positions can be found in our libraries, the

Admissions Office, and many administrative or academic departmental offices.  During the first week of classes, students receiving financial aid from Swarthmore are given priority for hiring consideration over non-aided students.  Student employees are paid every two weeks.  The 2018-19 academic year wages range from $9.70 to $10.40 per hour. These amounts will be updated after July 1, 2019. Learn more about student employment by viewing our Student Employment website.


About the Renewal of Financial Aid

  • Students must reapply for financial aid each year. We will review financial aid applications each year to determine if changes in a family’s financial situation should result in an adjusted aid award.
  • Students who receive financial aid from Swarthmore must earn at least four (4) academic credits each semester and must make Satisfactory Academic Progress each year.
  • You can be considered for financial aid support during a normal length program of eight (8) semesters only.
  • Those receiving Swarthmore’s financial aid for the sophomore, junior, and senior years are expected to work during the summer break to provide for their living expenses in the U.S. and to make a $500 contribution toward the next year’s educational expenses.  Many of our international students work on research grants or other on-campus jobs each summer. 
  • A sibling’s fifth year undergraduate or graduate school expenses cannot be considered in our assessment of your eligibility for our scholarship support.


Taxation of Scholarships and Grants

The amount of Swarthmore Scholarship aid received in a calendar tax year (e.g., spring semester 2019 aid plus fall semester 2019 aid) that is in excess of that calendar year's cost of tuition and fees (not including room and board), and the cost of books, supplies, and equipment required for courses is considered taxable income.  That taxable income amount must be reported by the student to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on their individual federal income tax return, i.e., Form 1040, Form 1040NR, etc.

Students who owe U.S. federal tax as a result of having received scholarship and aid must complete the appropriate tax forms and file them by the April 15 deadline.  Tax liability is individually specific so students should contact their personal tax advisor with questions or concerns, or view the IRS website for assistance.  Additionally, students may also contact the IRS directly via this toll-free number for help in completing their tax forms:  800-829-1040.  


About the Bill

  • The financial aid award letter is not your bill.  Rather, it shows costs beyond our charges (books and personal expenses) and a resource that is not credited to your bill (your summer and academic year earnings).
  • To determine how much you will owe of direct Swarthmore charges of tuition, fee, room, and board, subtract your Swarthmore Scholarship from the total charges of $70,744. 
  • The remainder is what you and your parents will owe the College for the year; one half to be paid each semester.
  • Our Student Accounts Office will send semester bills in July and in December each year.
  • Remaining balance payment will be due late in July for the fall semester and in early January for the spring semester.
  • New students will see their $250 enrollment deposit as a credit to the fall semester bill.
  • Parents may choose to participate in the Swarthmore College Payment Plan which provides a flexible, interest-free monthly payment option for tuition, room, board and fees.  For more information about the payment plan, please visit the Student Accounts Office website .

Special Programs for International Students

  • A loan of up to $1,500 will be available for your use while you are at Swarthmore and after you arrive. You might use that loan to help fill a shortfall in your summer earnings, purchase a computer, or purchase books or clothing appropriate for our climate.  You can arrange for that loan through our Director of International Student Services after you arrive at Swarthmore.
  • International students are eligible for a round trip air fare ticket (gifted by the College) home after their second semester of sophomore year.  Please see the Director of International Student Services for more information.
  • Aided students who study abroad through a Swarthmore-approved program are not able to work during that semester and may borrow to fill that gap.  If you will study abroad for one semester, you may request a Swarthmore College Loan of up to $1,050 for that semester abroad.
  • Aided international students who will not leave the U.S. during the winter break between semesters may be eligible to receive partial support of their living expenses for that time.  Be certain to finalize your winter break plans in October each year, and let the Director of International Student Services know then that you would like to be considered for that assistance.