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Leading a Respectful Work Environment

Session Length: 2 hours

Format: Instruction, discussion, Q&A, small group scenarios, true/false quiz

LRWE is designed to raise awareness of the difference between proper and inappropriate conduct in the workplace. This includes descriptions about prohibited discrimination and harassment. LRWE also shows how offensive and disrespectful behavior in the work environment can lead to inferences of discrimination. Finally, LRWE allows participants the space to practice responding to offensive conduct.

By attending LRWE, participants will:

  • Learn applicable College policies as well as the primary legal obligations pertaining to discrimination and harassment
  • Understand why respectful and appropriate behavior are so important to the working and academic environment
  • Raise awareness of behaviors that could lead to perceptions of unfair treatment, discrimination, or even harassment
  • Learn the employee's responsibilities to report misconduct
  • Practice techniques and learn strategies to prevent and address offensive conduct
  • Discover where to get appropriate support and assistance
  • Receive a LRWE work folder with useful reference materials

Contact the Equal Opportunity Office to learn how to schedule LRWE with your department.