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Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Training

The Equal Opportunity Office offers interactive prevention training programs to curb discrimination and harassment before they have the chance to become ingrained in the work environment. Contact the EO Office to schedule one of these programs or we can develop another EO program idea for your department.

Live Sessions

Leading a Respectful Work Environment teaches effective prevention strategies to help create a workplace free from harassment. This program also explores college policies and the definitions of harassment and discrimination. Participants are asked to consider the inappropriate behaviors that could lead to claims of harassment. Participants also learn empowerment strategies to coach others through incidents of inappropriate conduct.

Leading a Respectful Work Environment for Supervisors and Managers includes the same material as in LRWE, but also specifically explores the supervisor's role as an agent of Swarthmore College.

The Three O's of Harassment - How would you respond to offensive conduct? This program affirms that at some point in our lives, everyone will be either an Offender, the Offended, or an Observer/Outsider. Whether directly or even indirectly effected by offensive conduct, we all have a significant role in addressing it and preventing harassment.

One-on-one assessment and training with individuals is an intensive training experience designed to explore specific incidents of inappropriate conduct after it has already occurred. When appropriate, this training and counseling is offered to ensure that the employee understands college policies and employee responsibilities. During the session, the employee will develop an action plan for achieving and maintaining appropriate conduct in the workplace. The plan will then be shared with the supervisor and is incorporated as a tool in ongoing performance assessment.

Online Sessions

Workplace Harassment Prevention 110 is an informative harassment prevention course offered in an easy-to-use online format. Online harassment prevention training is offered automatically every three years to all regular employees, including faculty, who are at least 0.5 FTE. A Post-Online Training Dialogue is also available for groups who have completed the online training courses and would like to discuss the concepts presented in the training with the EOO.