eProcurement Manual

  1. Login

  2. Shop

    • Select a catalog from the pull down or associated supplier graphic, or use the keyword search to find the items you are looking for across all catalogs
    • Enter the Quantity for each item you want to add to the cart and select the "Add to cart" button.
    • If you select a vendor that routes you to their site select the "Add to cart" button when finished select the "Checkout" button.
  3. Cart

    • Review and modify items in the cart
    • Select the green "Continue" button when ready to checkout
    • Items from multiple suppliers will be grouped into separate orders
  4. Checkout

    • Select the blue arrow on left to see detail information
    • Select the appropriate payment form
    • Add external and internal notes as needed
    • Change Ship to information if needed
    • Adjust quantities as needed
    • Select the green "Release" button to review and submit order