Course Plan for the Environmental Studies Minor

Essential Information
Course Plan

Please indicate your choices for the 5 courses that you will use to satisfy the requirements for the Environmental Studies Minor. All Minors will take the Capstone Seminar, which serves as a sixth course.

For help planning your courses, consult the program requirements and anticipated course offerings.

Please place an asterisk ("*") by courses that are NOT in your major or any other minor (there must be at least 3 of these so that when the Capstone Seminar is added, the College policy requiring at least 4 courses outside the major or any other minor will be satisfied).

Please also place a plus "+" by courses you have already taken or are taking currently.

I. Environmental Courses in Specific Disciplines

Specify at least three and at most five from groups A and B below. Be sure to specify at least one course in each of the groups)

A. Environmental Science/Technology Courses (at least one)

(list by department and number, e.g. BIOL 036 or Biology 036)

II. Adjunct and Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Courses

Adjunct and Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Courses. Specify no more than two.

(list by department and number, e.g. BIOL 016 or Biology 016)

III. Capstone Seminar: ENVS-091

Usually taken in the spring of your senior year.

IV. Honors Minor

If you are considering the Honors Minor, use the space below to list the TWO course you propose to combine for your honors preparation. Students should plan to consult with the faculty who teach these courses and the Coordinator of the Environmental Studies Program regarding these selections. Approvals will be tentative pending honors-level performance in these courses. You are welcome to include questions or comments about the honors minor in this space.