Fiction and Other Prose

Short quotations 

Short quotations from fiction may be included within the body of your text, with quotation marks:

Woolf's phrase "the kiss of a wave" (3) suggests that there is something sexual about Clarissa's encounter with the world outside her door.

Longer quotations

Longer quotations should be indented.

In traditional comic fashion, the novel ends with the union of those who have been separate:

             He had looked at her, he said, and he had wondered,
             Who is that lovely girl? and it was his daughter! That
             did make her happy. But her poor dog was howling.
             "Richard has improved. You are right," said Sally
             ;"I shall go and talk to him. I shall say good-night.
             What does the brain matter," said Lady Rosseter, getting
             up, "compared with the heart?" (296)