A Statement About Plagiarism

The standards of responsible scholarship embrace all work submitted for academic purposes: not only examinations, laboratory reports, term papers, essays, etc. handed in for academic credit, but also work written for seminar or for class discussion, whether graded or not. Swarthmore College's commitment to these standards is signified in faculty action specifying the penalties for plagiarism:

i. In academic misconduct cases, the CJC [College Judiciary Committee] makes the determination on the issue of probation, suspension, or expulsion. The CJC may recommend to the faculty member the sanction relating to the grade penalty, citing precedence. The faculty member has final determination in this area. It is the opinion of the faculty as a whole that for an intentional first offense failure in the course and probation normally is appropriate. Suspension for a semester or deprivation of the degree in that year may also be appropriate when warranted by the seriousness of the offense.

ii. For a second offense, the penalty normally should be a year-long suspension or expulsion.

This policy statement and the College's judicial procedures for dealing with cases of suspected plagiarism may be found in the Swarthmore College Student Handbook (http://www.swarthmore.edu/Documents/Student%20Handbook%202011-2012/Swarthmore_Handbook_2012-13.pdf) under "Academic Misconduct."