Senior Honors Study in the English major and minor consists of the preparation of a portfolio essay for EACH Honors Preparation (except for theses and creative writing projects). This essay will be a seminar or Honors course preparation paper, which may be revised, or a newly written paper based on the materials. A paper written for another class not included in your Honors preparation may not be submitted. The student should confer with the appropriate instructor about the topic for each Honors preparation. The student is normally expected to do most of the work on the portfolio essay while enrolled in the seminar or final Honors preparation course, though it's normal later to add minor refinements and sometimes even major revisions.

Each essay must be 3,000-4,000 words (~10-13 double-spaced pages) and include footnotes if necessary and a proper Works Cited at the end. (For information on proper citation, see the English Department webpage info on Citations or the MLA Stylesheet in McCabe.) Your bibliography is not included in the word count, but your footnotes are. Two printed copies of each essay are due in LPAC 202 by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, April 30, 2013.

We will make a rough word count of each SHS essay and return to the student for revision any essay that is over the word limit. If you turn in an SHS essay late, we will note that on the essay and ask the examiner to take the lateness into account.

Please remember that for seminar(s) taken during the spring of 2013, you will need to plan carefully to meet the SHS deadlines for your essay(s). Consult with your professor about how best to do this.

See Professor Nora Johnson if you have any questions about your SHS essays, written exams, and oral exams.