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VHE Study Halls

What is the VHE program?

The VHE Program (Visible Hands in Economics) was introduced in 2018/19 and is designed to create a welcoming, inclusive environment in introductory economics. The program is responsible for many of the traditional TA roles, including hosting section-specific clinics and grading. In addition to section-specific clinics, the VHEs host a weekly study-hall open to all students in introductory economics.

VHE study halls create a space for students to work on problem sets, solidify economic concepts, and meet with other students interested in economic issues. VHEs are in attendance at each study hall to help introduce students to the discipline, including working with students on course content and sharing ideas and strategies for getting the most out of introductory economics. 



Section Professor VHE Day Time Location
1 Golub Lyla Kiratiwudhikul Thursday and Sunday 8-10 pm Kohlberg 226
2 Wang Sarah Wheaton Monday 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm Kohlberg 201
3 Golub Malini Kohli Thursday and Sunday 8-10 pm Kohlberg 226
4 He Siddharth Srivatsan Tuesday 8-10 pm Kohlbrerg 114
5 Caskey

Bingxin Tu

Tuesday 8-10 pm Kohlberg 226
6 Remer

Yunhao Wu

Sunday 7-11 pm Kohlberg 228
7 Remer

Susanna McGrew

Sunday 7-11 pm Kohlberg 228
All All VHE Coordinator:  Mirayda Martinez
VHEs: Richmond Mensa, Emma Tapp, Ethan Witkowski
Wednesday 8-10 pm Kohlberg 226