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Fall 2020 and J Term 2021

For first-year students, regarding ECON 001:

With the exception of First-Year Seminars (of which there are none this academic year), all courses in economics, including courses taught during J Term 2021, require ECON 001 as a prerequisite.  Students can waive the ECON 001 requirement under certain conditions, enabling them to register for other economics courses in Fall 2020 or J Term without having taken ECON 001.  Please note, however, that students who waive ECON 001 cannot register for ECON 011 or ECON 021 without first taking another course in economics. 

There are 5 sections of ECON 001 available for Fall 2020.  These sections will be lotteried down to 25 following online registration, and then capped at 30 during add/drop.  During add/drop, online requests to add a section of ECON 001 will be handled by Megan Salladino (, who will allow students to add the least-enrolled section that fits their academic schedule.

Please note that there are also two sections of ECON 001 available during J Term 2021 (consolidated into one larger section with a cap of 60), and 4 sections of ECON 001 planned for Spring 2021.

For continuing students:

The Department's Fall 2020 offerings are unchanged from those listed during the Spring 2020 registration, with these two exceptions:

  • ECON 055 (Behavioral Economics) has been shifted from Fall 2020 to J Term 2021 (with a cap of 80 students).  All students who pre-registered for Econ 055 have automatically been switched into the J term by the Registrar's Office.
  • One section of ECON 001 has been shifted from Fall 2020 to J Term 2021.  All students who pre-registered for this cancelled Fall 2020 section (the one scheduled for TTh 11:20-12:35) have automatically been switched into the J Term section by the Registrar's Office.

J Term offerings in Economics:

  • ECON 055 as indicated above (Professor Bhanot; Prerequisite ECON 001).
  • ECON 001 as indicated above (Professor Kim). Continuing students who are interested in enrolling in ECON 001 for J Term 2021 will have their first chance to do so starting on August 17, when add/drop begins.  To maintain adequate room for first-year students, adds by continuing students will be suspended once 20 J Term spots have been filled.  First-year students will then enroll online during August 24-28.  Enrollment will be lotteried down to 60 if necessary.  Following first-year registration and any necessary lottery, available J-term slots will be allocated through the add/drop process as described above.
  • NEW COURSE:  ECON 043: Markets and Morality, also listed as POLS 44
    (Professors Kuperberg and Thakkar)
    Prerequisites: ECON 001 and ONE of the following POLS 1, 2, 11, 12, 34, 47, PHIL 11, 21 41, 101, or 121.
    Cap: 50
  • NEW COURSE:  ECON 079: The Health of Nations
    (Professor Magenheim)
    Prerequisite: ECON 001.
    Cap: 30

Please be in contact with Megan Salladino ( or Professor O'Connell ( with any questions about navigating Fall 2020 and J Term 2021 registration.