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David Huffman

 Professor David Huffman
Assistant Professor, David Huffman

The Department is delighted to welcome our newest Assistant Professor, David Huffman.

David Huffman completed his Ph.D. at Berkeley in 2003 and has been a Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Labor Economics in Bonn. His fields are Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, and Labor Economics.

 His research focuses on the design and implementation of laboratory and field experiments in labor economics and on the combination of experimental with survey data in analyzing issues in behavioral economics. For his job market paper, Huffman and associates added a set of laboratory-tested questions to a major German household survey, in order to study the intergenerational transmission of attitudes towards risk and trust. Transmission is empirically strong, with some evidence of variation across birth order and, in the risk case, a surprising degree of specialization by category of risk.

In other recent work, Huffman and co-authors employ field experiments to explore the relationship between affective and cognitive decision making. Examples include a study of bicycle delivery workers in San Francisco that demonstrates affective influences on daily work effort and a randomized rapid telephone survey that demonstrates the emotional impact of German World Cup performances on household forecasts regarding the economic future.

Professor Huffman joined the department in 2008. You can learn more about his research by visiting his website.