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Sanctuary Campus Working Group

Charge | Working Group Members | Advisory Team | Report

Responding to the commitment by the Board of Managers to designate Swarthmore College a Sanctuary Campus, the Sanctuary Campus Working Group serves in an advisory capacity to President's Staff in order to recommend policies, resources, and services designed to provide for the safety and sanctuary of undocumented and other community members at Swarthmore College. Specifically, the Working Group:

  • Evaluates and responds to the recommendations in the student petition and faculty resolution in the areas of financial support, legal support, and student life resources and advising;
  • Proposes ​concrete plans and timelines for the policies, resources, and services we can commit to implementing;
  • Establishes regular opportunities for feedback with each constituency represented on the Working Group; and
  • Recommends ​effective methods of communicating both new and existing resources for undocumented community members.

While we cannot be certain of future policy changes that will be implemented, this group will continue to evaluate the needs of our undocumented and other community members as the national context evolves.

The Working Group submitted its recommendations to President’s Staff at the end of the 2016-17 academic year. Further monitoring of our community’s needs and the national context will be the responsibility of the Self-Study Action Committee as part of its ongoing work.

Working Group Members




  • Olivia Vazquez Ponce '22

Advisory Team

These individuals have been notified that they may be consulted on relevant issues and invited to attend meetings as necessary:

  • Sharmaine LaMar – General Counsel
  • Mike Hill – Public Safety


Read the Sanctuary Campus Working Group Report, Spring 2017 [pdf].

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