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Dining Services Advisory Committee

Students sharing lunch in Sharples Dining Hall

Mission and Scope

The Dining Advisory Committee was established in 2015 as a vehicle for gathering student input and developing recommendations for Swarthmore’s Dining Services. Tasked with helping shape the current and future experience of dining at the College, student committee members work alongside the dean of students, vice president of Finance and Administration, executive director of Auxiliary Services, and the director of Dining Services to discuss approaches to a broad range of topics, including but not limited to: menus, budgets, staffing, hours of operations, meal plans, facilities, service, and policies. The committee also works in conjunction with Swarthmore’s Student Government Organization to capture an array of student perspectives on campus dining. The committee meets 2–3 times per semester during the Fall and Spring.

If you have questions regarding the Dining Advisory Committee or are interested in participating, you may reach out to Linda McDougall, director of Dining Services, at

Programmatic Updates

Since the launch of the advisory committee, notable updates and improvements have been made to Swarthmore’s dining program, including:

  • Menus have been reimagined to provide a greater variety of meals, use more locally sourced ingredients, and offer innovative dining choices for students across campus dining locations.
  • Student meal plans have been revised and expanded to include a range of options for students who live, eat, and dine on campus and in downtown Swarthmore.
  • Expanded religious accommodations are now available for observant students.
  • Campus dining locations now have more convenient and flexible hours.

Current Membership (a/o Fall 2018)

  • Jim Terhune, interim dean of students
  • Greg Brown, vice president of Finance and Administration
  • Anthony Coschignano, assistant vice president for Auxiliary Services
  • Libby Hoffenberg ’20
  • Isabel LLosa ’20
  • Natasha Lodhi ’19
  • Linda McDougall, director of Dining Services
  • Garrett Ruley ’19
  • Naja Smith ’20
  • Isaiah Thomas, assistant director of Residential Communities, Office of Student Engagement

Former Members

  • Adella Breitman ’17
  • Gabriella Brown ’18
  • Brent Jacobs ’18
  • Meghan Kelly ’18
  • Adha Lai ’17
  • Sierra Spencer ’18
  • Adella Sundmark ’17
  • David Wurtele ’17

Meeting Agendas