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The Invisible Art: Dramaturgy in American Theater

The Invisible Art: Dramaturgy in American Theater
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A day-long symposium to honor retiring professor Lee Devin of the Department of Theater will be held at Swarthmore College on Saturday, Feb. 8. The symposium, "The Invisible Art: Dramaturgy in American Theater," will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Lang Performing Arts Center Cinema and is free and open to the public.

Three topics related to dramaturgy will be discussed in these sessions: "Dramaturgy in Rehearsal," "The Dramaturg and the Script," and "Translations for Performance." Participants are leading professional dramaturgs from across the country including Oliver Gerland, Swarthmore Class of '84, of the University of Colorado and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival; Kristin Johnsen-Neshati '87 of George Mason University; Michael Lupu of the Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis; James Magruder of Center Stage, Baltimore; Cary Mazer of the University of Pennsylvania; Geoff Proehl of Puget Sound University; and Michele Volansky of the Philadelphia Theatre Company.

Lee Devin has been a member of the Swarthmore faculty since 1970. Before that he taught at Vassar College and Indiana University. He is also dramaturg at the People's Light and Theatre Company in Malvern and has acted in, directed, and written numerous other productions.

Location: Cinema
Date: February 8, 2003