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Erin B. Mee




Erin B. Mee's book The Theatre of Roots: Redirecting the Modern Indian Stage was published in 2008 by Seagull Books and Palgrave-McMillan (partof the Enactments series edited by Richard Schechner). Her articles have appeared in TDR, Theater Journal, Performing Arts Journal, Seagull Theatre Quarterly, and American Theatre Magazine; and in books on the playwrights Girish Karnad and Mahesh Dattani. She is the editor of Drama Contemporary: India, a collection of modern Indian plays published in the United States by Johns Hopkins University Press and in India by Oxford University Press. She is currently co-editing a book about twentieth-century (re)productions of Sophocles' Antigone which examines the reasons and ways Antigone has been mobilized in a wide variety of historical, political, and cultural contexts around the world. In additionto her scholarship, Ms. Mee is a theatre director who has worked at some of the most important theatres in the United States, including New York Theatre Workshop, The Public Theatre, The Guthrie Theater, and The Magic Theatre. In India she has directed two of Kavalam Narayana Panikkar's plays in Malayalam with his company Sopanam. She is an assistant professor of theatre at Swarthmore College.


Please see Profesor Mee's entries in the Swarthmore College Faculty Bibliography.