Leadership Team

Dare 2 Soar has a tiered leadership structure, comprised of student leaders, directors from our various sites, and Lang Center staff. Then there are our site directors, who are our main community partners in Chester. Each site also has an adult supervisor who is designated by the organization to manage the after school program.

The student leadership team is responsible for almost all logistical and administrative operations. The paid student leadership team consists of both lead and site coordinators. The lead coordinators are primarily responsible for the overall daily operations across all sites, and the site coordinators work directly with the site supervisors and tutors. All components to this leadership structure are equally important and necessary, and please do not hesitate to contact any if you have any questions/concerns.

*If you are a tutor, your first point of contact should be the student site coordinator for your site! If your site coordinator is unable to answer your questions/concerns, he or she can redirect you to one of the lead coordinators.