Federal Work Study Information

If you are receiving financial aid from Swarthmore, it is possible that you could get paid for your time tutoring through Federal Off-Campus Work Study. If you do not receive financial aid from Swarthmore College, you are not eligible to be paid for tutoring. If you do receive financial aid, here is some basic information to help you figure out if/how you might be eligible for work-study payment:

How do I find out if I am eligible for Federal Work Study?

The process to finding out whether or not you are eligible is simple. Dare 2 Soar lead coordinators receive your student ID number when you apply to be a tutor. We then send all of our student ID numbers to the Financial Aid office. The Financial Aid office sends us back a list of those students that are eligible to be paid via Federal Off-Campus Work Study, and we let you know if you are/are not eligible.

What do I do if I find out I'm eligible to be paid?

Most importantly, you have to make sure you have all of your employment documents (I9, direct deposit form, W-4, EIT form) filled out and up to date. This has to be done through the Student Payroll Office, which is located in Pearson 003. To help fill out the forms, you should come prepared with a voided check, and valid passport, or Swarthmore ID card along with your social security card or birth certificate. You can learn more and find the forms you need to fill out at the Student Employment website.

Once you have your employment information sorted out, you should have a timesheet under the Employee Main Menu section of your mySwarthmore account. This is where you enter your payment hours. It is important to remember that your site coordinator does keep track of your signing in and out of tutoring, and if you do not tutor your payment will not be approved.

I was told I'm not eligible for Work Study payment, but I think I should be. Who may I talk to in order to learn more?

The Financial Aid office and the federal government have specific requirements for eligibility for Federal Off-Campus Work Study. If you are eligible for Federal Work Study, this does not necessarily mean you are eligible for Federal Off-Campus Work Study. However, if you think there has been a mistake and you should be eligible for payment, feel free to contact the Financial Aid office and inquire. As a reminder, although we collect your information through Dare 2 Soar, the Financial Aid Office handles all approvals of eligibility.