Becoming a Tutor

What do I have to do to become a Dare 2 Soar tutor?

Dare 2 Soar tutoring program

The process to becoming a Dare 2 Soar tutor is a fairly simple one. First thing's first, get more information at our Recruitment Meeting on September 10. Then, you must fill out the Tutor Information Form online and submit it . You must then print out the Photo Release Form [pdf] and Liability Form [pdf] and bring them to our Tutor Orientation on September 29. Tutoring begins the following Monday, October 1.

Attending tutor orientation is mandatory for all tutors. If you cannot attend, you must let us know as soon as possible, so that we can arrange an alternate orientation.

What are the commitments of Dare 2 Soar tutors?

Students, parents, and teachers in Chester rely on our tutors for homework assistance, and your presence really does matter. We ask that you treat tutoring as a job, and your job encompasses the following responsibilities:

  • First and foremost, help your students! Help them with their homework, and when students are done, continue fostering a love of education through educational activities. We have supply boxes at each site, full of educational games and activities, that we absolutely encourage you to use once students are finished their homework. In addition, if you have any hobbies or special abilities, share them with your students! There is a time and place for everything, and when you are tutoring your focus must always be on the ways in which you can expand the students' (and perhaps even your own!) horizons. Tutors are not at the sites to play or babysit: we are there serving an educational role and we must maintain professionalism at all times. And of course, it can still be fun!
  • You must complete the Tutor Information form, and communicate to your site coordinator if/when that information changes.
  • You must attend a Tutor Orientation session. There is an Orientation at the beginning of each semester. If you can't attend the first Orientation, you MUST attend the following semester.
  • You are expected to tutor regularly -- a minimum of once a week, on the same day and at the same site. You must inform your site coordinator at least 2 hours beforehand if/when you are going to be unable to attend tutoring. Ideally, we ask that you find a substitute tutor to go in your place. If you decide to change days or sites, you must inform your site coordinator of this as well.
  • We request that you tutor for at least one full semester. If you are going to be unable to continue tutoring regularly, please inform your site coordinator at least 2 weeks in advance from when you discontinue tutoring.
  • You must sign in at your site each time you tutor. If there doesn't seem to be a sign-in sheet present, find the site's adult director and inquire about signing in.
  • Attend any and all meetings/reflections held by your site coordinator. You must attend a minimum of two of these meetings, and if/when you are unable to attend, you must inform your site coordinator.