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Please remember that some individuals may choose to continue wearing masks even when they are not required to do so, and we urge everyone to be sensitive to and understanding of those personal choices. We shouldn’t assume that someone wearing a mask isn’t fully vaccinated. 

Masking Requirements for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Currently, Delaware County is experiencing “high transmission” of the virus. Based on guidance from the CDC and from our own public health and medical experts, all individuals — regardless of vaccination status — will be required to wear masks while inside campus buildings, with the following exceptions: 

  • You are a residential student (i.e., you live in campus housing) and are inside your own room. Note that all individuals are required to wear masks in common areas inside residence halls.
  • You are alone inside an office space. (You are not required to shut your office door.)
  • You are actively eating and/or drinking.
  • You are performing as part of your classwork (e.g., vocal performers, musicians, actors, etc.).
  • You are actively participating in a College-sponsored varsity or club athletic program (i.e., you are actively playing/engaging in the activity, as opposed to being on the bench). 
  • You are exercising in the Matchbox.
    • Effective Monday, Aug. 30, all current students, faculty, and staff members are permitted to use the Matchbox. Individuals who are not yet fully vaccinated must remain masked while inside, even while actively exercising. Until further notice, in the interest of the health and safety of our campus community, only current students, faculty, and staff members may use the Matchbox. We apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation

When fully vaccinated students, faculty, or staff members are speaking to a group of people indoors (e.g., during a lecture or classroom setting, staff meetings, etc.), they may remove their masks provided that: 

  • The audience members are masked, per College policy
  • The speaker is fully vaccinated
  • The speaker is able to maintain at least three feet of physical distance from the audience members. 
  • The speaker puts their mask back on when finished speaking

At this time, masks are not required outdoors unless specifically noted. For instance, masks may be required outdoors during special events.

Masking Requirements for Campus Visitors and Vendors

The above masking requirements also apply to campus visitors and vendors. Please note that most indoor facilities are currently closed to visitors, and only accessible to students, faculty, and staff.

Meetings with vendors or other non-College visitors should happen virtually. Please see the visitor and vendor policy for more information.

We will continue to monitor COVID-19 positivity rates and guidance from the CDC, and we will adjust our masking policies as necessary.