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IMPORTANT: Details on Second COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff Members, 

We are writing to provide more information on the College’s second COVID-19 vaccination clinic, which will be held on Tuesday, April 20. As a reminder, through this clinic we are able to provide an additional 1,500 doses of the Moderna vaccine. Moderna is authorized only for individuals 18 or older. This clinic is for individuals who have not yet received a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Follow-up appointments for the second dose will take place on May 18, so please plan accordingly. Today, Pennsylvania broadened its vaccine eligibility requirements and, as a result, all students, faculty, staff members, and household members of faculty and staff who are 18 or older are eligible to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccination clinic on April 20. We will continue to prioritize individuals based on the groups below. 

Please note: If you’ve already received or are scheduled to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, you may disregard this email. 

Vaccine Prioritization Plan

  • Group 1 — Employees whose work requires them to be on campus, including staff in Athletics, Environmental Services, Dining, Facilities, Maintenance, the Office of Student Engagement, Public Safety, and other faculty and staff members who regularly come to campus and are part of our weekly testing protocol.
  • Group 2 — Students living in campus housing.
  • Group 3 — Enrolled students studying remotely and living in Pennsylvania.
  • Group 4 — Faculty and staff members working remotely (i.e., faculty and staff members who are NOT part of our weekly testing protocols).
  • Group 5 — Household members of faculty and staff members who are 18 or older.

Given the number of doses available, we are able to open registration to Groups 1 and 2 tomorrow, Wednesday, April 14 at 1 p.m. ET. 

We will open registration to Groups 3 and 4 on Thursday, April 15 at 1 p.m. ET.

ATTENTION STUDENTS IN GROUP 3: We ask that nonresidential students who are enrolled, living in Pennsylvania, and planning to register for this vaccination clinic provide us with their current address. This should be the address in Pennsylvania at which you are currently residing.

We will determine by Friday afternoon if there will be enough doses of the vaccine available to open registration to Group 5, and we will communicate that information to faculty and staff members.  

If you are able to receive the vaccine elsewhere, we encourage you to do so. And if you already have an appointment elsewhere, please keep it. 

Once again, our thanks to all of you for your ongoing patience, cooperation, and understanding as we continue our work to keep our community members healthy and safe.


Catherine Geddis
Interim Vice President for Human Resources

Jim Terhune
Vice President for Student Affairs