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Health and Wellness Expectations for Students Returning to Campus

Students returning to campus are required to complete symptom monitoring 14 days prior to arriving on the Swarthmore College campus and daily while on campus. This symptom monitoring will be conducted through an electronic medical record software system used by the College called Medicat. Medicat will be used to track the health status of all students on campus. Symptom monitoring is required in the following situations:

  • Daily for 14 days prior to arriving on campus
  • Daily while on campus

Students should also monitor their symptoms prior to visiting the dining hall, classroom, laboratories or any other shared common spaces. To be eligible for and remain in campus housing and have access to campus facilities, students must complete the above symptom monitoring guidelines. 

Students are required to “opt in” for Medicat text and email alerts in order to complete daily symptom checks outlined above.

Students are required to notify the Student Health Center if they’ve visited or are traveling to campus from an area of high prevalence in the previous 14 days. 

Students are required to notify the Student Health Center if:

  • They know they have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 
  • They develop any COVID-19 related symptoms 
  • They have tested positive or are awaiting test results for COVID-19 from an outside facility 

Students are required to comply with College guidance regarding isolation and quarantine housing based on CDC and state health department recommendations, dining, and class attendance. 

Students who have tested positive, who are a close contact with someone who has tested positive, or who or are symptomatic will be contacted on a regular, possibly daily, basis by various members of the Swarthmore College support staff including the Student Health Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, Dining Services, and the Office of Student Engagement.

Students should be aware that the Student Health Center may need to share COVID related health information such as their name, temporary housing assignment, and length of time in this temporary housing with necessary departments, on and off campus. on a need to know basis in order to provide appropriate support to each student. Situations that would require the sharing of information include, but are not limited to:

  • Notifying the Department of Health of a positive COVID test result or close contact exposure
  • Notifying the Office of Student Engagement for a temporary housing assignment to comply with quarantine guidelines
  • Notifying Dining Services of a temporary housing assignment in order to provide meals and hydration

*Though specific diagnostic results will not be shared with departments outside of the Student Health Center and the Department of Health, it is possible that your health status may be able to be determined based on changes in housing and length of time removed from originally assigned housing. The Student Health Center will not share any unrelated health information with any department on or off campus. 

Students are expected to participate in the testing program outlined by the College. 

Students are required to refrain from participating in activities that increase the risk of contracting the virus including by not limited to unnecessary travel, gathering in large groups, or any prolonged contact with a crowd without physical distancing 14 days prior to arriving on campus and during their stay on campus. 

 If a student tests positive for COVID-19, the Student Health Center staff will conduct contact tracing on students where it is required that a student disclose to the Student Health Center staff any possible close contacts. The Health Center staff will not disclose the identity of the student who tests positive to their contacts. 

Students are required to participate in mitigation precautions including mask wearing, physical distancing, enhanced hand hygiene and cleaning of their own spaces, and completion of educational programs related to COVID-19. 

Faculty, staff, and students who will come onto campus during the spring 2021 semester are strongly encouraged to have received the flu vaccine for the 2020-21 flu season, unless there is a valid religious or medical exception. If you have a question about this request, please contact Student Health and Wellness. 

Routine appointments: There will be no walk in appointments at the Student Health Center. Students will be required to make appointments by calling the Student Health Center at 610-328-8058 to schedule an appointment. Upon arrival, students will be required to check in for their appointment on their mobile device or computer. After phone triage by a medical provider, students may receive a telehealth visit rather than an in office appointment.