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Faculty and Staff COVID-19 Test Instructions

Testing Site Instructions (What to Expect)

Please note these protocols are effective for Spring 2021. Facilities, Dining, and Public Safety will have their own decentralized process during this period; staff in those departments should reach out directly to their supervisor for guidance or questions. 

During the spring term, faculty and staff members whose work requires them to come to campus and who are likely to interact with other people for 15 minutes or more during their time on campus will be required to continue performing weekly testing.

If your work requires you to come to campus but you have no expectation of interacting with others, you will not need to perform weekly testing during the spring term. We understand that unplanned, chance encounters may occur. In keeping with the CDC’s guidelines, employees must limit such interactions to less than 15 minutes, and also continue to follow proper safety protocols such as masking and maintaining physical distance. 

We will continue to monitor the current surge in cases, and we will consult with public health experts as we continue to refine our testing protocols. We will communicate those plans when a change is necessary.    

Employees who come to campus less than once per week and anticipate interacting with others for 15 minutes or more must receive a negative test result within seven days before coming onto campus, regardless of how long they will be on campus. For more information, visit the Faculty & Staff Testing, Contact Tracing, and Monitoring Process webpage.

Spring 2021 Change in Testing Location

During the spring term test kits will continue to be available for pickup and drop-off at the campus Post Office; you can view the Post Office’s normal operating hours here. Employees must bring their OneCard to receive a kit.

The Scheuer Room will be open Monday - Thursday so that employees can use the space to self-administer their tests. For new staff, or staff that may need a refresher in the testing process, the Scheuer Room will be staffed by volunteers from 10 a.m. —2 p.m. on February 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, and 25.

For more information on testing protocols, and future Scheuer Room staffing dates please visit our Faculty & Staff Testing, Contact Tracing, and Monitoring Process page or contact our COVID-19 Employee Test Team.

Testing Instructions

Please follow all instructions closely to ensure that proper precautions are taken for packaging and sending COVID-19 samples. This video from Everlywell may also be useful; note that the section of the video on labeling and shipping does not apply to those taking the test on campus.

  1. Before taking your test, please create your Everlywell account and review instructions on how to collect the sample. Register your Everlywell account and the kit using your legal name and your home address.
  2. Open the packaging; on top will be the test ID sticker. Log on to Everlywell either on your smartphone, tablet, or computer or on a device provided and register the unique kit ID number. 
  3. Fill out your ID sticker. Write your full legal name, date of birth, and the date of collection. Place the ID sticker on the collection tube. Do not pour the liquid out of the tube.
  4. Answer the registration questions, including the agreement to share the test results with Swarthmore. Employee test results will be anonymous and will be kept separate from personnel files. 
  5. Collect the sample in the booth provided. Instructions on sample collection:
    1. Prep for collection. Disinfect surfaces where you will be completing your test. Blow your nose. (If you are testing in a shared location, please blow your nose privately, away from others, before coming to the test site.) Ensure you have washed your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds prior to collection; hand sanitizer will be available if needed.
    2. Insert nasal swab. Position your head: Tilt your head back to approximately a 45-degree angle. Gently and slowly insert the nasal swab into your nostril, parallel to your mouth, about 2–4 centimeters until resistance is met. Rotate the swab three times all the way around the nasal wall with a slight pressure. Repeat this process in the other nostril using the same swab.
    3. Place the swab sample in the tube. Put the swab (cotton tip down) into the tube. Hold the tube away from your face, and break the swab at the perforated line (about 1 inch from the cotton swab). Leave the swab in the tube, and don’t spill the liquid. Tightly seal the cap. Place the absorbent sheet and sample tube into the protective biohazard bag.
  6. Assemble the shipping box. You can watch this video for instructions on how to assemble the shipping box. (Please note that the labeling information mentioned at the beginning of this video does not pertain to Swarthmore employees. Labeling and shipping will be provided on campus). Place the biohazard bag inside the box. The shipping box provides extra protection during transit.
  7. With clean hands, place the shipping box into the prepaid mailer. Apply the shipping label to the front of the envelope. Use the provided alcohol prep pad to disinfect the mailer, avoiding the address label.
  8. Place the mailer in the collection bin near the exit of the room.