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Campus Visitor Policy

The Swarthmore College campus is currently open to visitors.  This includes the College grounds, the Crum Woods, playing fields, and tennis courts. Though the grounds are open, access to indoor facilities remains restricted to authorized students, faculty and staff members only. Please note that if the virus surges once again, or if new variants emerge that prove to be resistant to the vaccines that are currently available, College grounds may once again close to visitors until it is safe to reopen.

Additional information on the Inn at Swarthmore, the Broad Table Tavern, and the Campus and Community Store is available here.

Faculty, staff, and students may want to wear their Swarthmore ID card on a lanyard as a visual indicator of who is part of our on-campus community.

Please note that the Admissions Office remains closed, and our staff continues to work remotely. Prospective students and families are welcome to visit, but there is no formal in-person programming at this time. We encourage you to continue to explore our virtual visit offerings for more ways to connect with us through information sessions and tours.