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Faculty & Staff Testing Protocols and Reservations

Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues, 

As you know, in accordance with the Faculty & Staff Testing, Contact Tracing, and Monitoring Process, all faculty and staff who are on campus at least once per week are required to take a weekly COVID-19 test, which will be provided free of charge by the College.

Tests will be made available in the Scheuer Room at Kohlberg Hall. We ask that you schedule your weekly test via the COVID-19 Employee Test Team (CETT) Appointment Google scheduler. Then click on a gray box, which represents an available slot, on the day and time that you’d like to get tested, and click save. Each appointment window will automatically link to your Google calendar. Please note that these are not recurring appointments; you will need to make a new appointment for each week. Please provide for at least 20–30 minutes to complete your first appointment. Staff in Facilities and Dining Services  are scheduling testing centrally and will receive their assigned day and time from their manager. You will be able to pick up your starter kit of personal protective equipment at your first testing appointment next week.

The test itself involves a quick, simple nose swab. Staff will be on hand next week to guide you through the process. You should create an Everlywell account in advance, and we have assembled additional instructions for completing the test. We ask that you please aim to arrive five minutes early for your weekly test. You should typically expect results within two to three days of taking the test, excluding Sundays. (This is a slight modification from the 24–72-hour timeframe we initially included in our testing-process documents.)

Please note that additional details have been added to the Faculty & Staff Testing, Contact Tracing, and Monitoring Process to clarify processes for those of you coming to campus less than once per week and to address nonemployee guests coming to campus with appropriate approval. For those coming to campus less than once per week, we require a negative test within seven days prior to arriving on campus, versus the shorter timeframe of the original policy. A Google form for requesting home shipment of tests for those coming to campus less than once per week will be shared via email on Sept. 1.

If you have any questions about faculty and staff testing, please contact

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to protect one another and the broader community. We’ll get through this moment, together.

Kind regards,
Alice Turbiville
Asst VP for Finance & Acting Environmental Health & Safety Officer