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Extended Drop Deadline of May 1

Dear Students, Faculty, and Academic Staff,

In addition to the academic policy modifications announced in the Moving Forward with the Spring Semester memorandum, the Curriculum Committee has approved, with some limitations, extending the Drop deadline this semester until Friday, May 1, 2020, the last day of classes.  

Under the extended Drop deadline for Spring 2020 semester, students can drop a course until the last day of classes with no Withdrawal (W) notation on the transcript, with the proviso that students cannot drop below a minimum course load of 3.0 credits for the semester, and seniors are not allowed to drop a course required for graduation. Students who want to drop a course must confer with their faculty advisor. To drop a course, a student should email the registrar with a copy to their advisor. Email: If a student previously arranged a Course Withdrawal (W) for this semester, the Registrar's Office will automatically remove the W grade and convert the course to a drop.

The Committee knows that these are trying times for students and faculty, and it is hoped that this additional flexibility to be able to drop a course later than normal will facilitate learning and engagement.

Martin Warner
On behalf of the Curriculum Committee