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Detailed information on academic adjustments for spring 2020

Dear Swarthmore Students, Parents, and Families,
You came to Swarthmore for a quality education second to none and the opportunity to pursue that education in this community. We know that the situation brought on by the global COVID-19 public health crisis is both disappointing and disruptive. You and your families have made incredible efforts and sacrifices for this educational experience. We also know that you were likely attracted to Swarthmore because it is a place where we consider the common good, and we have been so pleased to hear from so many of you that you, too, are concerned about the health and well-being of everyone in the Swarthmore College community, in the communities from which you gather, and in the rest of the world. Thank you. We also want you to know that the faculty and staff here are working around the clock to provide you with the best level of education and care that we can possibly achieve under the circumstances.
Beginning on Monday, March 23, Swarthmore’s students and faculty will begin remote learning. We all know that this is a challenging moment, and we know that you are in a variety of places as you dive into this new way of doing things with us. Some of you are away from resources needed to fully be the kind of student you want to be. And some of you are in places where learning and studying are going to be harder. Try to establish a daily routine. Do your best to minimize distractions. 
We are deploying the talent of all our faculty and staff to support, engage, and continue to challenge you. There will be glitches at the beginning, but we firmly believe that we can make this a productive semester where the quality of our work together will not be sacrificed.
To this end, President Smith has accepted the recommendation of both the Curriculum Committee and the Council on Educational Policy to amend our grading procedures this semester. We will move to a Credit/No Credit grading policy for everyone, with the ability of students to uncover their grades should they wish to do so at the end of the semester. A full description of the policy, along with other details on remote learning and related issues are available here on our COVID-19 website.
We believe that we will look back on this as a time when some projects and dreams did not come to fruition, but other new and unexpected ones did; that this is a moment to rise to an unprecedented challenge that will keep bearing fruit throughout our lives. And that we will accomplish this together.
Jim Terhune 
Vice President and Dean of Students 

Sarah Willie-LeBreton
Provost and Dean of Faculty