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Chris with Pat and Thomas at their honors presentation.




Chris with Pat and Thomas during their poster presentation during Honors Week at Albright College (Spring 2016).

Chris with Steve Westcott










Chris with his former advisor Steve Westcott (Pacifichem, December 2015).

Chris and Zeke with other Albright people at a poster during the ACS meeting










Chris and Zeke, with other Albright people, at the National ACS Meeting (Denver, March 2015).

Chris with other Chemists at the Inorganic GRC







Chris with his undergraduate advisor Steve Westcott and fellow former WildToads Keith Watson (Dow Chemical) and Caleb Martin (Baylor) at the Inorganic GRC (June 2014).









At the MASIS meeting (Temple University, July 2014).











Kevin, Andy, and Connor at Golden Gate Park during the Fall ACS meeting (San Francisco, August 2014) 











Zeke during his honors week presentation (Albright College, Spring 2014).