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Research Groups Summer 2010

Paley Group

Paley Group
Prof. Bob Paley, Althea Gaffney '11, and Nate Meyer '11

The Paley group specializes in developing new methods for synthetic organic chemistry. We are currently using planar chiral, enantiomerically pure sulfinyl iron(0) tricarbonyl complexes to control the absolute stereochemistry of spiroketal stereocenters.

Holliday Group

Elissa Wong '12, Hannah Rose '12, Judy Diep '13, and Prof. Alison Holliday

The Holliday group uses analytical techniques, primarily ion mobility spectrometry and liquid chromatography, to investigate environmental systems. Current work is focused on the detection of fungicides in natural waters. More about the Holliday Lab

Miller Group

Caitlin Russell '11, Prof. Stephen Miller, Chenge Mahomva ‘11, and Daniel Ly ‘12

The Miller group uses biochemical methods to study the chemical basis of bacterial communication. In particular, we use x-ray crystallography to visualize the bacterial proteins and signal molecules in 3-dimensions at atomic resolution. More about the Miller Lab

Stephenson Group

Jesse Bertrand '11 and Prof. Tom Stephenson

The Stephenson lab investigates the energy transfer that occurs when highly excited molecules collide with other atoms or molecules.  Our current experiments, in collaboration with the Lester group at the UPenn, are focused on OH collisions with H2, a process of great importance in the atmosphere and in combustion environments.

Yatsunyk Group

Prof. Liliya A. Yatsunyk, Jack Nicoludis ‘12, Steven Barrett '13, and Karan Ahluwalia '13

The Yatsunyk group focuses on the design, synthesis, and characterization of novel porphyrin-based antitumor drugs that function via inhibition of telomerase. Current work includes preparation of novel porphyrin molecules that are capable of both chiral sensing and stabilization of noncanonical DNA structures.  In addition, our lab started working this summer on application of quadruplex DNA in nanotechnology. More about the Yatsunyk Lab

Howard Group

Patrick Hartnett '11, Mary Alice Upshur '12, Prof. Howard, and Kei Saotome '11

The Howard group uses physical chemistry to study molecules bound to biological membranes. Current work focuses on using magnetic resonance spectroscopies to study the structure and drug binding properties of a protein from influenza virus. More about the Howard Lab

Pasternack Group

Pasternack Research Group
Harry Wang '13, Prof. Pasternack, and Vivek Ananthan '11

Critical to the full expression of malaria are parasitic pathways that protect Plasmodium from extra-protein hemin and lead to immunity to various drugs. Our research program is intended to address mechanistic issues related to these processes, to establish the basis for the drug resistance, and to develop new methods to overcome or otherwise suppress this resistance.

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