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What to Expect


The CIL has put together a comprehensive list of resources for the Swat Tank program. Throughout the process, the CIL and partners from Career Services and the Social Innovation Lab will host workshops and meetings to connect students with different tools to use in their idea development. This collection of resources has been designed to give some extra guidance in topics such as the Business Model Canvas and Social Business Model Canvas, Value Propositions, Pitching, and working with an Alumni Mentor. 


Traditionally, mentorship is a critical part of the SwatTank process. Early on, students are matched with an alumni mentor relevant to their idea to provide guidance and support as they work through this process. Their mentor is meant to be a resource to talk through ideas and questions, connect with someone in a professional context, and provide experience necessary to help a new business. We are thankful and proud that our mentors are each experienced, knowledgeable, and care tremendously about helping students. Students participating in Swat(tiny)Tank can reach out to the CIL for questions about mentorship for Spring 2021. 


Teams of students will need to submit their pitch videos for Round One Pitches before the March 22nd deadline. This pitch must be recorded, be less than 5 minutes in length, and all team members must participate. Additionally, teams must submit their Swat(tiny)Tank Report to the judging committee. Following the Round One Pitches, top teams and projects will go on to compete at the Swat Tank Finals in April where they will give a more developed idea and project presentation. The Swat(tiny)Tank submissions will be judged on the following criteria: 

  • Overall concept of the business 
  • Creativity
  • The Pitch: Verbal delivery + visual design of presentation 
  • The Report: Overall quality of the report
  • Depth of understanding of market and customer segments


This year prizes will be a choose-your-own-prize and will be determined by each individual team member from a list of options below.  Each team member will receive their own prize, i.e. if there are three members of the first place team all three will get to choose their own prize from the below categories and do not have to all choose the same option. 

  • First Place: $500 cash, iPad (128GB), Bose noise canceling headphones, Nintendo Switch + a pro controller, OR Apple Watch series 6. 
  • Second Place: $250 cash, AirPods Pro, Kindle Paperwhite, OR Samsung 27” LED Monitor.
  • Third Place: $100 cash, Google Nest Hub, JBL flip 5 speaker, OR Amazon Echo Show 8.