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But why is it so tiny?!

The Center for Innovation and Leadership is hosting a reimagined version of Swat Tank for Spring 2021 called Swat(tiny)Tank: A Pitch Competition. This scaled back format will capture the excitement of starting with an idea and bringing it to the next stages of iteration and give Swarthmore student teams a similar experience of participating in SwatTank. 

In preparation for the event, there will be a range of program options for student teams to attend to explore their ideas and build a pitch that showcases their work. Teams can pick and choose what they want to attend but all the programs will be geared towards preparing them for the competition. Interested participants are asked to put together a team between 2-4 students, submit a video pitch and short 2-3 page report document for Round One (due before Spring Break), and the final teams will be chosen to pitch their ideas for prizes live on April 14th to a round of Alumni Judges.

We'll be updating this page with new information regarding the competition. But, to get a sense of student interest for our upcoming programs, we would appreciates students taking a minute to fill this Google Form out. Let us know if you have any questions!

Round One Pitch Submissions

There are two aspects of submitting to Round One of Swat(tiny)Tank.  All should be uploaded through this Submission Form. Participants must submit the video and document by the March 22nd deadline.

  • Team + Team Name It is expected that each team has between 2-4 members.  You may not compete in Swat(tiny)Tank alone. Nominate a point person from your team to be responsible for submitting the Report + Pitch video on behalf of the whole team.
  • Pitch Video must be less than 5 minutes in length. All team members must be part of the pitch. You can use a slide deck, but it is not required for Round One. 
  • Swat(tiny)Tank Report Template must be completed and be no more than 3 pages + the cover page saved as a PDF. Please make a COPY of this document and use it as a template for your team.