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Senior Showcase

The annual Senior Showcase is hosted in late spring as a collaboration between the Center for Innovation and Leadership and Jill Gladstein, Associate Professor and Director of Speaking Associates Program. Last year there were twenty participating seniors distilling their senior research into three minutes and one PowerPoint slide. Students hailed from the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences fairly evenly. Once nominated by a staff or faculty member, participants applied to be part of the showcase. The top twenty chosen students attended a short lunch workshop with staff members to discuss expectations and best practices for the showcase.

Each senior worked on their presentation with a Speaking Associate (SPA) to prepare for their presentation. This event provides an opportunity to showcase the amazing value of the SPAs and the transformation they facilitate in a student’s public speaking abilities. One of the highlights of this event is the wide range of audience members which include faculty, staff members from across many divisions of campus, students, and families. 

This year's Senior Showcase is scheduled for Friday, April 24th. Be on the look out for email updates and program details!