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LINK Workshops


LINK - Lead. Innovate. Navigate. Know. 

Each semester the CIL will offer a handful of workshops to ensure students learn, develop, and build the necessary skills to be successful at Swarthmore and in life outside the College. Topics will help students gain valuable skills that can be LINKed to their own experiences. (See what we did there?) 

LINK Schedule 2015-2016:


  • Elevator Pitches
    September 18th @ 12:30pm -- Shane Lounge
    Alum Emily Anne Nolte '07
    • Learn the purpose of the elevator pitch and how you can best prepare for this inevitable networking and interview question. You will learn how to craft your own "pitch" that helps you standout from the crowd and we will provide time for you to practice and receive feedback on your newly acquired skills.
  • Navigate the Board Room #groupdynamics
    September 30th @ 6pm -- Black Cultural Center
    Katie Clark (CIL)
    • Learn the art of managing group dynamics, what role you play in a large group discussion, and how to successfully turn a conversation around.


  • Get Out the Map: A Road Map for Articulating Project Impact
    October 23rd @ 3pm -- LANG Center 
    Jennifer Magee (LANG Center)
    • Where do you want to go and how will you get there? A journey into the unknown can be facilitated by a map or GPS; a logic model performs a similar function for projects, programs, and more. If you need a succinct, graphic way to communicate your vision to a variety of audiences, join Jennifer Magee and a number of current Lang Scholars for this mini-workshop on how to convey your planned work (assets and activities), and articulate your intended results (outputs, outcomes, and impact).
  • Misery Poker
    October 28th @ 12:30pm -- Shane Lounge 
    Katie Clark (CIL) & Noemi Fernandez (Student Wellness Program Manager)
    • A discussion on the effects of "misery poker" at Swarthmore. Do you play? How does "misery "poker" affect you? We will also talk about creating a supportive campus climate, the symptoms and impacts of stress on the body, and strategies for managing stress in order to live well now and in the future.


  • Coffee or Tea: How to make the right choice?
    November 9th @ 4pm -- Scheuer Room 
    Katie Clark (CIL) & Pattie Kim (Career Services)
    • Through interactive activities that promote self-reflection, learn about how much your personal values affect decisions you make--big or small! Learn how to identify your values and apply them in many different situations.