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Leadership Seminar

The CIL welcomes applications for our spring 2016 non-credit leadership seminar. 

APPLICATION: Due Monday February 15th at 9am

The Seminar is limited to 36 students and will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Students will be notified on Feb. 15th if they have been accepted. 

Link to the application: 


  • FEB 27 --- Knowing Oneself ---10:30am-4pm
    • ​Knowing Oneself, Examining career derailers, and the Colors of Your Mind
  • MARCH 26 --- Matching Personality with Organizational Culture ---10:30am-4pm
    • Examining various organizational culture, understanding the fundamentals of your personality, exploring a fit between you and the desired culture, and enhancing your ability to better communicate.
  • APRIL 1 --- Getting Feedback and Charting a Roadmap --- 2pm-5pm
    • ​Knowing your shadows, getting feedback, envisioning the future, and drawing a roadmap.


We all desire to be successful and happy, yet the journey is often challenging and demands self reflection, profound learning and a course of action. The objective of this seminar is to assist you in getting to know yourself, your aspirations, strengths and weaknesses. More specifically the learning objectives are to:

1. Provide you with the opportunity to examine your personality, thinking patterns and your approach to life challenges.

2. Explore the fit between your personality and organizational culture that can leverage your strengths and aspirations.

3. Receive feedback from people who know you to offer perspectives on how you come across.

4. Chart a roadmap articulating your vision and the milestones needed to reach it through a bold action plan embedded with conviction and courage.

5. Build a network with your peers and receive peer coaching.

The Seminar will rely heavily on insightful instruments, case studies, small group discussion, lectures, and selected readings.

FACILITATOR BIOGRAPHY -- Dr. Shalom Saadar Saar '74

The seminar will be facilitated by Shalom Saada Saar (Class of 74) who is currently serving as a Professor of Management and Leadership at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Dr. Shalom Saada Saar believes that everyone has the capacity to lead, and he has dedicated his career to helping leaders identify and cultivate their unique leadership talents. Believing deeply that you can’t lead others until you know how to lead yourself, Dr. Saar developed the highly acclaimed program, Know Thyself, that has ignited a passion for leadership in people around the globe.

Whether working one-on-one with a lead CEO, or challenging his students, Shalom brings his unique experiences and perspectives to everything he does. CEOs rely on his counsel because Shalom understands the challenges business leaders face. He also knows that leadership is the only sustainable competitive advantage — he challenges CEOs and their senior teams to think and act differently in order to create fundamental change that will create exceptional value for the firm’s clients.

Throughout his career as head of a naval academy, academic administrator, VP for executive development and consultant to governmental agencies and corporations, Shalom has dedicated himself to provide coaching and counseling to individuals and teams around the world. At MIT and Harvard, he challenged emerging leaders to fundamentally different ways to solve the complex challenges they face. His courses focus on Change Management, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.

Shalom has brought his unique perspective on leadership to audiences around the globe. Participants consistently remark that they are inspired by his insights and common sense approach to leading oneself and leading others. He has captured the essence of his teaching in his recently published book by Wiley, Leading with Conviction: Mastering the Nine Critical Pillars of Integrated Leadership.

Shalom taught at Harvard University, MIT, University of Vienna, Loyola University and China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai.

Dr. Saar received his bachelor in economics and psychology from Swarthmore College and master and doctoral degrees in organizational behavior and administration from Harvard University

Student Testimonials from previous Seminars with Shalom Saar: 

Sungwon Ma '16

"Like all of us, I have been trying to answer some enduring questions. What kind of person am I? In what do I excel? Could I be a leader? And as inundated with possibilities as I am, what are some career paths that would be 'right' for me? Shalom has helped me answer these questions."


Mayra Tenorio '15

“The interactive simulations allow us to confront our weaknesses and appreciate our strengths.The exercises end up exposing how your mind works, how your insecurities seep out, and how your talents either hinder you or enable you to succeed. By knowing yourself, you can use the talents you have to help you acquire those that need more work, but it's important to go outside of your comfort zone and really challenge yourself."