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Garnet Collaborative

The Swarthmore College Community Challenge

What is the Garnet Collaborative?

The Garnet Collaborative first began in November 2019 as an action-oriented approach to creating a shared community that invites students, faculty, and staff to build upon and expand meaningful relationships across our campus. From it’s conception, the Garnet Collaborative has been inspired by the aspirations articulated by President Smith of strengthening our shared governance, appreciating varying perspectives, and establishing a foundation of trust and mutual respect.  It’s an answer to the question: How can we work together to create a more caring, inclusive, and empathetic campus community?

What did the Garnet Collaborative 2019/2020 achieve?

The first iteration of Garnet Collaborative in 2019/20 provided space for students, faculty, and staff from various backgrounds, holding varying perspectives, to come together and talk about what it means to live in a community and conceptualize creative ways to improve that experience. Despite enormous challenges experienced in 2020, Garnet Collaborative brought the community together on several occasions, in-person and online, to share action-oriented ideas and implement projects that created change. 

What will the Garnet Collaborative 2.0 look like?

The Garnet Collaborative Advisory Team has pre-selected six ChangeX projects that resonated with current activities, interests, and departments at Swarthmore College. When Garnet Collaborative returns this fall, interested participants will be able to access a variety project outlines and detailed descriptions of how to bring those projects to the campus community. If a project is selected, participants will receive up to $500 in financial assistance to make it happen. There is also an open call opportunity for anyone interested in proposing their own community project as a ChangeX project.

The Swarthmore Community Challenge process will include:

  • Individuals interested in participating in the Swarthmore Community Challenge will review a pre-selected range of ChangeX projects through their online portal.  If an individual decides to sign up for a project, they have 30 days to commit to the process and bringing their project to life.  Participants who have a ready-made personal projects can also submit their idea as an “Open Call” for projects.
  • After 30 days of review, called the "30 Day Challenge", participants commit to the project and receive guidance and support from the Garnet Collaborative Advisory Team and members of the ChangeX team.  
  • All projects will be eligible to recieve up to $500 that can be used in supplies and/or contracted services (ie. catering). All purchases will be made by the Garnet Collaborative Advisory Team unless it is determined that a reimbursement is better suited for the specific purchase. 
  • If a project is selected, participants will be able to start making the project a reality! Once completed, participants will be expected to reflect on their experience through writing short updates, share photos and have some email check-ins on their experience with the Swarthmore College Community Challenge.

Check out the Swarthmore Community Challenge with ChangeX Website Here!