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CIL Leadership Fellows

The Center for Innovation and Leadership is piloting the first-ever cohort of Leadership Fellows to begin Spring 2019! The CIL Leadership Fellows will partake in a 10-week experiential learning program on leadership skill development. It will be intense, it will be fun, and students will practice tangible skills that they can take from Swarthmore to beyond. 

We believe that leadership can be taught and practiced just like riding a bike or playing the violin. We also know that leadership is dynamic and looks different to all students. With this in mind, the CIL Leadership Fellows program has been designed to provide an in-depth exploration of skill building by following a series of training exercises. Over the course of the semester, students will be challenged to build confidence in creative problem-solving, failure resiliency, communication, and conflict resolution (to name a few!). 

The CIL has partnered with an organization called the Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC) to provide a comprehensive curriculum that will be used throughout the course of the semester. As part of the CLC program, the CIL Leadership Fellows will compete in an intercollegiate competition hosted by the CLC in April. Teams will be assessed on how well they have mastered a variety of terms and concepts that will be taught during the 10-week curriculum. 

To learn more about what we’ll be doing as Leadership Fellows, watch this video, or this one