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Welcome to Career Services

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At Swarthmore, Career Services partners with faculty in the education of our students as they gain greater knowledge of self, including how they choose to have impact on our world. Swarthmore has a unique perspective on how to use one's intellect in service to others -- we refer to this as ethical intelligence. Students integrate social consciousness with intellectual rigor in their academic pursuits and their lives outside the classroom -- including their careers. A commitment to social justice and advocacy have been guiding principles of Swarthmore since its founding by members of the Quaker faith as a co-ed institution of higher education in 1864.

Career Services fulfills its educational mission through our individual counseling sessions with students and our programming emphasizing a diverse range of career fields and topics. We believe it's important to be informed and knowledgeable about the world outside Swarthmore, one in which our students will actively participate as leaders making a difference in their chosen fields. 

Career exploration is a vital part of students' career development and we are committed to providing students with many opportunities to test their assumptions about careers and gain valuable experience. We accomplish this goal by curating three distinct internship databases for students, by funding internships for students through our Summer Experiential Fellows and Swarthmore Future Entrepreneurs Programs, and by arranging substantive mentoring opportunities for students through our nationally recognized Extern Program. 

We are committed to preparing students for and connecting them with recruitment opportunities, and do so through a vibrant TriCollege recruiting relationship with Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges, as well as a diverse roster of recruiting consortium interview days and career fairs with peer institutions.

Fundamentally the reason we do what we do -- and the driving force that motivates our work -- is our care and concern for students. We are committed to helping brilliant Swatties find careers of meaning, reward and service to others.

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