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Twitter Take Over Campaign

Swarthmore students are increasingly tuning-in to our social media feeds thus making it a great channel to disburse career guidance. With your help, we can assist students chart their career trajectory by giving them a realistic view of career tracks that Swarthmore alumni have taken.  Swarthmore Career Services would like your help in launching a Tuesday Twitter Takeover (TTT).  TTT’s are structured as a series of tweets that go out every Tuesday and involve a single alum walking us through their typical work day. You send us 5 tweets about your career or workplace, offering a “day in the life” perspective of what it’s like to work in your field. If you have images and short videos that you would like to include, please email those to us directly, in addition to completing the form.  Not sure where to start? Take a look at some sample TTT's.  

We will follow-up with you to let you know once your Tweets are scheduled to go out via our Twitter account. Thank you in advance for your insightful career tweets!